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Beauty Features

Great Skin (you deserve it)

GREAT SKIN (you deserve it) Blemishes and dark spots are like marks on...more

Complexion Perfection

Tweaks to your beauty regime could make all the difference to grappling with...more

Cosmetic overhaul

These days it’s not only food that has a shelf life. Letitiah Obiri...more

Block party

To wear or not to wear? High or low? Just in the summer...more

Love those legs

Prisca McGuire looks at what you can do to give your legs the...more

Under my skin

There’s a huge demand from women of colour to lighten their skin. Rita...more

Blood brother

Irene Shelley has her blood analysed by a Nutritional Microscopist, and finds that...more

Fat pack

It’s apparently proved popular with Robbie and Peter & Jordan. But will the...more

Food for thought

Going up more dress sizes than you can count? Not liking what you...more

Diet dilemmas

Trying to decide on a diet plan? Can’t decide between Slim-Fast or the...more

Skin Solutions

Soon to be making their way across the pond, the DermaDoctor aka Dr...more

Deep Flush

Ever wondered what it would it be like to have your insides cleansed?...more

Post-Party Recovery

Ahhh, Christmas. We all love the parties, but how can we survive them?...more

Face Party

It’s the season to be merry and the season for gorgeous party make-up....more

Hairy Situation?

Hair removal is such a pain in itself, without the hassle of worrying...more

High Brow

If you suffer from over-plucked or weak eyebrows, don’t worry! A solution is...more

Abs Fab

Rita Amartey gets you shedding clothes to reveal a firmer toned stomach just...more

Smooth Talk

Get to work on that troublesome cellulite with our selection of creams, mousses...more
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