4 Best Hair Dryer Attachments for Effortless Perfect Styling

Discover the top 4 hair dryer attachments to perfect your styling. Achieve sleek blowouts, defined curls, added volume, and more with these essential tools.

Are you new to the world of hair dryers and all the other gadgets that come along with them? From ladies who are just starting to explore styling their hair to others who’ve been in the game a while, knowing what hair dryer attachments are available and how to use them will make your job a lot easier.

In this article, we’ll explain what different hair dryer attachments there are and give you some tips on using them.

What are hair dryer attachments used for?

When you purchase your first hair dryer, you’ll notice that it usually comes with a few attachments. These attachments are there to be used when you’re working with different types of hair and going for different hairstyles as well. For instance, a concentrator focuses on the airflow, allowing for more precise applications.

A diffuser spreads the air, helping with creating curls without frizz and the comb can be used for straightening hair. These are just but a few of the usages attachments give you. In essence, they make the use of your hair dryer versatile, saving you money on having to buy several other machines to style your hair.

Hair Dryer Attachments

The hair industry has become one of the largest in the world, with new hairstyles coming and going with each generation and the adaptation of tools to create them. For hair dryers, the attachments that are most common include the concentrator nozzle, the diffuser, picks, and the styler or comb. Here’s what these attachments do and how you can use them:

The concentrator nozzle

This attachment is one of the standard nozzles that should come with your hair dryer. That said, you can purchase better concentrator nozzles if the one you have doesn’t do the job too well. The concentrator nozzle is the attachment that has a flat vent shape to it with the round open side that attaches to your hair dryer. As you can see, the attachment tappers off, forcing the air through a narrow corridor instead of allowing it to disperse. As its name suggests, it concentrates the hot air in one spot, providing you with more provision when drying and styling your hair.

With this attachment, you’d need to focus on drying specific sections of hair at the same time. It does have some decent benefits, though. With the concentrator nozzle, you can easily blow dry and straighten your fringe to make some pretty sleek blowouts.

How to use the concentrator nozzle

Using the concentrator attachment is fairly simple. Most of them would just slip onto the hair dryer, allowing the tension to hold it in place. Some even have magnets that allow them to clip on as well. Either way, they are usually easy to use. When you use the concentrator attachment, we’d suggest having your hair mostly dried to avoid getting heat damage. Remember, the concentrator is focusing the hot air coming out of the dryer so if you leave it in one spot for too long, it’ll create a hotspot. Best to rather err on the side of caution and concentrate while using this attachment.


Here’s one for the ladies with curls. The diffuser is a bowl-shaped attachment with prongs sticking out of it. With holes in it, the diffuser directs and disperses the air heat to reach the base of your hair. This attachment allows for faster drying and less frizz, making it a perfect option for those wanting to curl their hair or who work with curly hair.

How to use the diffuser attachment

The diffuser excels when it comes to curls. Curly hair can get super frizzy if you’re not careful when drying it. However, the diffuser makes that job easier. Simply lay your curls onto the diffuser, set your heat and air speed and watch the magic happen. To make things a little easier, lean your head forward and flip your hair over to dry it in front of you. Work from the tips of your hair all the way to your roots.

The picks

The pick is an attachment that adds volume and lifts any hairstyle you want; all you need to do is learn how to use it. It looks similar to a comb and nozzle combined. It’s great for styling hair, especially giving straight hair a wavy look. On the downside, the pick can cause hair to become frizzy as well, especially on curly hair.

How to use the pick

To use a hair pick attachment on your hairdryer, start with clean, damp hair and put on some heat protectant spray. Attach the pick securely to the hairdryer. Turn it on to medium or low heat. Work the pick from the roots to the ends, gently lifting to add volume and detangle. Move through all your hair, making sure it dries evenly. For extra volume, flip your head upside down and lift at the roots. Once your hair is dry, style it with a comb or brush and add any styling products if you want.

The Comb

As we mentioned, the comb and the pick are fairly similar. The comb is exactly what it sounds like. A comb-like attachment that fits onto the hair dryer and allows you to dry, detangle and comb(brush) your hair at the same time. It’s super useful in styling, straightening, and reducing frizzy hair.

How to use the comb attachment

Like before, start with clean, damp hair for the best results. Make sure the comb is well-attached to your hair dryer, set your heat and air speed and get started. With the comb, you start at the roots and make your way through to the ends of your hair. Don’t move too fast but also avoid getting stuck in one area otherwise, you might risk causing a hot spot. If you hit a knot, turn the heat down or off till you get it loose.

Final Thoughts

Honestly, there’s so much you can do with hair dryers these days. Get out your hair dryer and start practising with the attachments you have. Once you get the hang of it you’ll have your friends lining up at the door to get their hair done next. Enjoy!

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