9 tips on choosing plus size wedding dresses

How to look amazing on your wedding day

The choice of a wedding gown is very difficult and serious issue for any girl. However, plus size girls may face much more obstacles on their way to the ideal dress. The choice of plus size wedding gowns isn’t so big as for standard sized dresses. Moreover, a gown needs to accentuate your best parts and, at the same time, hide imperfections. And it may take up much time to find the one, which copes with that task.

In order to help you to deal with the search of the ideal gown, we offer you to have a look at nine tips, which will help you to choose the perfect plus size wedding dress.

A strapless bridal gown

  1. Don’t look at numbers. Not every bride knows that a size of a wedding dress may considerably differ from the one we usually wear. That’s why, we recommend not paying attention to the dress size and trying on different sizes to find the one, which suits you the best. Note that, as a rule, the sizes of wedding dresses are bigger than the ones for ordinary clothes.
  2. Put comfort first. No matter how beautiful wedding dresses plus size may seem to be, never buy a gown you feel uncomfortable in. Very often, plus size brides buy too tight dresses, thinking that they will make them look slimmer. However, in fact, a too tight dress can spoil your wedding day as you won’t be able to breathe and move freely.
  3. Try on dresses of different colors. A plus size wedding gown may be not only white. Basically, the majority of African American brides suit almost all the popular colors of wedding dresses. Cute alternatives to classic white are ivory, ecru, blush, champagne and candlelight hues.

A drop waist dress

  1. Accentuate your best parts. A wedding dress may help you to demonstrate the benefits of your body. Thus, a large bust can be highlighted with a V-neckline. Or, if you have a slim waist, accentuate that with a waistband. At the same time, it’s necessary to hide imperfections. For instance, if you don’t like your arms, seek for plus size wedding dresses with sleeves.
  2. Try on different silhouettes. While seeking for the perfect gown, pay attention to different silhouettes. Usually, A-line gowns are the most flattering for plus size brides. However, if you have an hourglass body type, you may opt for mermaid dresses as well. Or, the girls with apple-shaped bodies may wear an empire waist wedding dress, which will hide the tummy. But what we don’t recommend are plus size ball gown wedding dresses as they are absolutely unflattering and can make you look bigger.

An A-line wedding dress silhouette


  1. Be creative. Don’t stick to a single dress silhouette and style. Consider other variants as sometimes they may turn out to be much more flattering than the gown you initially wanted to buy. Also, you may opt for alternative colors and lengths. For instance, if you have slim legs, you can demonstrate that with a tea length wedding dress.
  2. Think about dress alteration. Keep in mind that many wedding dresses may be altered. Thus, if you find a dress, which fits you perfectly, but want to make some changes, it may be possible. For instance, some adornments can be added (like beading or crystals) if the dress seems to be too simple for you. Or, size and length can be fixed as well.


A strappy dress hits the right note for a beach wedding


  1. Order a custom dress. If you can’t find a dress of your dream for sale, make a custom order for it. You may do that at some bridal boutiques as well as turn to professional seamstresses. In such a way, you will have a chance to have a dress, which suits all your requirements and fits your perfectly. Moreover, it’s really interesting to participate in the creation of your wedding gown.
  2. Choose the proper undergarments. No matter what type of dress you find, you need to think about the proper undergarments. Thus, a supportive bra will be necessary for almost any bride. Also, shape wear is often used as it may help you to look visually slimmer. The choice of such undergarments is pretty large: from high-waist shorts to forming dresses.

Now, you are absolutely prepared for the wedding dress shopping. We hope that our recommendations will help you to find your perfect gown among all the variants of plus size wedding dresses, offered by wedding boutiques. We believe that you will be a real queen on your wedding day!

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  1. by Cynthia on 21/01/2019  4:11 PM Reply

    Lovely Article,

    Worth mentioning when going wedding dress shopping is to resist the temptation to go with your entire entourage. Everyone will have different ideas and tastes and it can make the whole experience frustrating and fruitless.


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