Dynasty Afrique Celebrates Diversity in the Beauty Industry

Model Nini Amerlise and hairdresser Damaris Mkubwa collaborate for a beauty editorial in Black Beauty & Hair magazine. The collection called Dynasty Afrique fuses African influences with contemporary hair trends

Nini Amerlise in a beautiful headwrapped centre piece

The heart of this editorial’s theme is Dynasty Afrique, a concept that merges influences from both West and East African tribal hairstyles with contemporary trends of today. Damaris passionately advocated for the strategic use of colour and texture to craft an array of six distinct hairstyles. Nini is at the forefront of this powerful narrative as the featured model. In about two and a half months, their dedicated efforts took shape. The editorial was a collaborative endeavour, composed of 14 individuals of the NA management team, all working harmoniously to bring this vision to life.

Hair is shaped in a stunning blonde braided wig piece

Nini, hailing from a Canadian-Ghanaian & Jamaican background, holds a profound conviction that the celebration of African and Black beauty should be consistent. Among her many accomplishments, she was awarded “Top Model” at the Miss International City Pageant in 2015 and two years later she competed in Supermodel Canada and won, catapulting her career. “In the symphony of style, I choose to dance to the rhythm of my heritage, letting my coils whisper tales of resilience and grace. My journey is a celebration of authenticity, a testament to the power of self-love”, she said.

Hair is shaped in a wavy bob and a braided crown piece bringing the look together

Damaris, a Kenyan with a strong advocacy for natural hair care, champions the ethos of embracing one’s authentic self. She says, “True beauty is not just about how you look, but about how confidently you embrace your roots and express your unique story through every strand. In a world full of trends, I believe in celebrating the natural beauty that flows within us, weaving a tapestry of authenticity and empowerment.”

Hair is shaped in an amazing middle parted intersection with puffs at the top and bottom

Nini and Damaris have embarked on a transformative journey, amplifying the voices of those who have long been marginalized in the beauty industry. This editorial stands as a poignant reminder that representation matters. Celebration of diverse beauty is an essential for broader societal change.

Hair is shaped in a blonde curly wig with a beautiful bold brow look
Hair is shown in a beautiful side profile with a braided updo

Photography by Darrell Antone. Hair by Damaris Mkubwa at Damaris Beauty Parlor, assisted by Veronica Sakwe. Makeup by Jae Monique, using Rosiannas Cosmetics. Styling by Kimyette Jenkins. Clothes by Tailored by Tailored Clarke. Model & Creative Director: Nini Amerlise. Models & Creatives Agency: NA Management Inc. Cinematography by Andre Frazier. Video assistant: Ronald Jones. Post production by Higher Frames Studio

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