How to maintain your hair under a weave

Dr Hair explains the importance of nurturing your own hair and scalp before, during and after a weave installment

Whether it’s a necessity because of hair loss, illness, medication or just a fashion statement, hair additions are here to stay. Men and women have worn weaves and wigs for many years, but compared to now where there is an incessant focus on movie stars and entertainers, it has become much more popular. Hair trends are closely related to fashion trends too. I call it the relativity of haute couture and coi ure (high fashion and hair). However, the sad matter regarding this trend is that the followers can fall victim to not looking a er their own hair and scalp. I stand by the idea that a good weave begins with a healthy hair and scalp.
Although weaved hair is not growing out of the scalp, it still needs to be cleansed and conditioned often because it does contract odours and debris from the atmosphere.
Whatever technique is used to apply the hair one must remember not to make it too tight as this can cause mechanical or traction alopecia, in other words, hair loss. Too much stress on the hair will destroy the follicle and may possibly cause permanent hair loss.

The right type of hair can save your own natural hair from being damaged while wearing a weave. Cheaper hair is usually processed using chemicals some of which could be harmful to your own hair. I prefer working with the hair from India because the texture is better and it is 100% human hair which is better for the scalp. Many are not aware that some hair that is included in the wefts can be animal hair.
Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish and choose the most inexpensive hair. The agro from knots, tangles and shedding will decrease the life span of the extensions and work out much more costly in the long run.

Realising the fact that you must prepare your mind, hair and scalp to wear a weave, the next stage is being prepared to maintain it. Remember to shampoo and condition regularly using the HAIRepair Invigorating Shampoo and the Nourishing Conditioner (£3.50). Make sure that the scalp is kept moisturised everyday with HAIRepair Vital Oils (£4.95). Depending on your hair type
and texture you might want to use the ORS Hair Fertilizer (£2.50) daily to oil the scalp because whilst wearing the weave you would want to create the right conditions to make new hair growth thrive. Use the ORS Hair Mayonnaise at least once every two months. is reconstructing conditioner adds strength and moisture to hair that is prone to becoming weak under a weave.

Never remove your weave yourself. Always ask someone to assist you or have it removed professionally because you run the risk of pulling out hair that’s attached to the we . Weaves should be worn for approximately two to three months and then removed. is length of time depends on your hair’s growth cycle i.e. the faster it grows the sooner it needs to be taken out. Removal gives the natural hair a chance to be cleansed and also allows the scalp to breathe, which increases the oxygenation and blood ow to the head.
You should never remove, relax and sew the weave back in the same day. Give your hair a rest for at least one week. ere are plenty of style choices from a good salon blow dry to wearing a scarf or a wig. Remember wearing a weave or braids does not rest the hair.

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