My Real Life Girls Trips

Ti Sha Loving-Williams says her vacations with her girl friends is empowering and uplifting

My name is Ti Sha Loving-Williams and I decided about six years ago that we should make sure we empower each other especially black women. We needed not just a vacation, but something more. We decided to do our first road trip five years ago with seven of us. I rented a house in New Orleans and we drove to New Orleans picking up Michelle Jefferson Patton in Memphis TN and Valinda Woodard driving from Alabama. The rest of the crew: Shashray in Louisville Ky, Lisa Love Rowe, Larecia Denning, Dana Swain and myself Ti’Sha Loving Williams drove from Bowling Green Kentucky.

I had only told the ladies to bring something black to wear for an event. I had a make up artist and photographer set up as a surprise. We had the best time at the photo shoot and all of the concerts during Essence Festival. Our photographer was the great Abby Photo. The ladies felt great and we really were able to sit and talk about anything. The one thing people always say is that black women can’t get along which is so untrue. Each one of us each night never had on our own clothes, jewellery or shoes. We made sure we all looked great whether it was one of giving earrings, shoes, doing someone’s make up or hair. It was a great experience and we continued the tradition.

First trip in New Orleans

The reason we have different looks and hairstyles is because we love being black strong women. We can be natural, or put in a protective style, wig or extensions. We are all different and beautiful. I started modelling when I was in my early 20’s and that’s how I met Shashray and we have been sisters since that time. All of us range from childhood friends to making friends from work, gym, introduced by others, family, modelling etc. Our personalities work well and we are very strong in uplifting each other, but other women as well. Through all of these trips I have finished a book called Behind The Mirr. It should be released by the end of this year. I did want to mention the photo below is one of my favourites. It’s our second trip to Essence and we were able to shoot in the historic Jazz Hall that would allow black and white musicians to play together. It’s called Preservation Hall. It was so special to be in the hall and be allowed 20 minutes to take this photo. 

The ladies were allowed to shoot in the historic Preservation Hall, New Orleans

This year we went to Costa Rica. Our theme this year was African print attire and we just wanted to make a statement that Black Girls Travel, We Rock and We Are Enough. Some of our outfits were custom made by someone’s mother of the group and I hand-stitched my outfit. Our photographer was Oscar Herrera of Costa Rica

This year’s trip was Costa Rica

 Our Girls Trip hairstyles

VIDEO: Girls Trip – Official Trailer 1 (Universal Pictures) HD













  1. by Bertha Hunter on 07/09/2017  4:21 PM Reply

    This is so amazing and what great sisterhood and love you all display to one another. What a blessing to all woman.

  2. by Shashray on 07/09/2017  11:31 AM Reply

    I am so grateful to be a part of a group of women who lift each other up! With all of the negative images you may see of black women on reality tv, you see our reality of sisterhood! There IS joy in sisterhood! Thank you for featuring our reality!

  3. by Linda Love on 07/09/2017  5:15 AM Reply

    This group shows dedication ,commitment and love to one another each year we travel.The years of friendships start as early as high school or college and even in our different career choice. We thank the editor, photographer and every black beauty in the article that allowed us to shine and experience true black beauty.

  4. by Chiquita Sparks on 06/09/2017  2:54 PM Reply

    Ti'Sha I just loved the article and congratulations on a job well done putting all this in prospective. I am so happy to read an inspiring article that was created by my beautiful sister. Thanks for sharing your journey of lovely empowered women. I am so excited about the book " Behind The Mirror" I can't wait to read it!!

  5. by Dana Swain on 06/09/2017  9:44 AM Reply

    What a great article! It's time for the World to see Beautiful Black Women uplift each other. We are our Sister's Keeper. We Slay and Pray! No Shade, We Shine! We need each other to survive!

  6. by Daymon on 06/09/2017  3:39 AM Reply

    I love my mama and all of her girlfriends in these pictures. I'm 11 years old and I hope that my mama always stay friends in the girl group forever and forever stay sisters because that makes them all my aunties love you momma.

  7. by Quin Mosley on 05/09/2017  9:51 PM Reply

    Wonderful article about a group of amazing women that I am proud to call my friends. These trips recharge our minds, bodies and souls. The experience with my sisters is something that I'll never forget and look forward to doing again. Thank you for sharing this story so hopefully other women will do the same.

  8. by John on 05/09/2017  9:35 PM Reply

    Awesome article. Enjoyed reading

  9. by Cecilia Loving on 05/09/2017  4:08 AM Reply

    Thanks you for sharing such beauty, power and grace beloved! This is amazing and we are grateful for your journey!

  10. by Keith Williams on 05/09/2017  3:49 AM Reply

    Every soul must strive to be the best me they can be. This is done by developing self and environment. Each of you are an exemplary example of that effort. I'm especially excited about the journey of my forever partner "TMLW". Well done!

  11. by Chad on 05/09/2017  3:42 AM Reply

    Fantastic article!!

  12. by Susan Atchley on 05/09/2017  12:34 AM Reply

    Wonderful article! I know some of these beautiful ladies personally! I look forward to reading more articles! Thanks for sharing!

  13. by Susan Atchley on 05/09/2017  12:33 AM Reply

    Wonderful article! I know some of these beautiful ladies personally! Thanks for sharing!

  14. by Brenda Johnson on 04/09/2017  5:21 PM Reply

    Loved this article. Friends truly LOVING each other and taking time to empower each other and the world around them.

  15. by Gregory McKay on 04/09/2017  2:38 PM Reply

    I just love the idea of friends slowing down enough from the throes of life to get together and honor one another with your presence! That makes it even more beautiful!

  16. by Lisa on 03/09/2017  10:22 PM Reply

    Great article. I have loved all the trips I have been apart of with these beautiful ladies.

  17. by Ed loving on 03/09/2017  9:01 PM Reply

    It's great to see women empower each other an on social media fighting each other I salute you cousin for all you an the rest of the ladies are doing

  18. by Michelle Jefferson-Patton on 03/09/2017  2:09 AM Reply

    Thank you so much. It is an honor to be featured in your magazine. The article was awesome.

  19. by Gina on 03/09/2017  2:00 AM Reply

    Love the article and the empowerment of women coming together. Definitely need more stories of uplifting and encouragement of all women.

  20. by Ti'Sha Loving Williams on 03/09/2017  1:47 AM Reply

    This is such a great feature! It's absolutely wonderful! I love everything about this article!! Thank you so much for this beautiful feature!!

  21. by Selina on 02/09/2017  6:56 PM Reply

    My trips with you were amazing!!

  22. by Bethany Smith on 02/09/2017  12:27 AM Reply

    This is amazing! Love this idea!!

  23. by Ti' Sha Loving on 01/09/2017  11:09 PM Reply

    This is such a great feature and it's great for all women to read. It's so important to lift each other up and empower!!! Thanks again

  24. by Andrea Davis on 01/09/2017  4:56 PM Reply

    I absolutely LOVE this article! Thank you so much for featuring our group of beautiful ladies!!!!

    • by Valinda Woodard on 02/09/2017  9:52 PM Reply

      Wonderful article!!! So excited to be a part of such a beautiful project. It has been an extraordinary journey with these ladies. Thank you for sharing our experience with your readers!

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