Repairing Damaged Hair: Causes and Solutions

Explore causes of damaged hair beyond harsh products. Discover effective solutions & expert tips for revitalizing and maintaining healthy hair.

Damaging your hair doesn’t always happen from using harsh hair products. Other factors such as health conditions, environmental stressors and lifestyle choices can also contribute. If you notice your hair is damaged, the best person to consult with is your hairstylist who can provide valuable tips on preventive measures. However, in addition to their expertise, following the tips below can help give you a head start in protecting your hair.

The Causes

Understanding the causes of hair damage can help prevent it before it happens. While there are products that can repair damaged hair, it is crucial to remain alert in regards to our harmful habits that contribute to such damage. While some factors like health issues are outside of our control, we have the power to improve our eating habits to support healthy hair growth. This means that regularly eating a balanced diet and ensuring we consume enough fruits and vegetables will provide proper nourishment of our hair follicles, enabling them to grow stronger. These dietary changes can greatly improve the overall quality of our hair.

Another important factor in hair damage is the use of harsh hair treatments and improper care. This includes heat styling, incorrect washing methods and the use of chemical-laden products. The environment also plays a significant role in damaging our hair, with common culprits being pollution, UV rays from the sun and chlorine found in swimming pools.

The Solutions

When it comes to repairing damaged hair, there are numerous products on the market. The amika brand has a comprehensive range of products that address various types of hair damage, including masks, shampoos, conditioners and creams. For the benefit of our readers, it is important to mention that “the kure,” their highly effective bond repair mask, is specifically formulated for thick and coarse hair. The whole line stands out from others on the market as it uses natural ingredients that promote healing and prevent further damage. With these products, one can avoid hair breaking, which is a point of no return.

It is also recommended to include protein treatments in your hair care routine every two weeks, as they help restore moisture to the hair and rejuvenate it. Additionally, a thorough conditioning of the hair once a week, along with regular hot oil treatments, will greatly aid in repairing damaged hair and keeping it healthy.


In order to effectively repair damaged hair, it is important to understand the various factors that may contribute to its condition, as described above. By using natural products, we can effectively revitalize and maintain healthy hair for a long time to come.

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