Sabine’s Hallway celebrates 10 years in business

A Brooklyn based salon celebrates its 10th anniversary despite gun attack


Sabine Bellevue

Sabine’s Hallway is a pioneering natural hair salon owned by veteran stylist Sabine Bellevue. The salon recently celebrated their 10th year anniversary in October with a ribbon cutting ceremony and event on the premises of the Brooklyn based salon.

The fact that they are still going is a testament to the strength of character of Sabine herself. The salon has special significance in Brooklyn not simply due to leading the way in natural hair care before it became ‘a thing’, but also because several years ago the salon was attacked by a crazed gun man who shot at Sabine and her customers. One of the customers just happened to be an off duty cop who shot back at the gunman who was then arrested and jailed for 20 years. The incident made national headlines at the time and the off-duty cop was given an award by Ray Kelly and promoted to detective.


Sabine (centre) with her team

The salon closed down after the incident but the owners were resilient and re-opened and have continued to thrive and Sabine Bellevue has since become a passionate community partner and activist.

Owner Sabine Bellevue says while she was scared for her life, ‘The incident motivated me to work harder and invest in my community.’ She has offered free hairdos for teens, hired interns and done volunteer work.

The hairstylists who work at the shop say they are grateful to work in a place that gives back to those who are less fortunate.


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