The Cape Crusader: The Latest Hair Accessory on the Market

With a multi-function as a hair and makeup cape, the Monii Hair Cape is making its mark in the beauty industry. We were given the amazing opportunity to get the inside scoop from CEO and founder Mona Patel on creation of the brand, the inspiration behind the name, and more.

By Haeli Wilson

What’s your earliest beauty memory?

Wow, that’s a tough question! Growing up in India, I was quite the tomboy, often playing outdoors with my friends, sporting bruised knees more often than not. My earliest beauty memory didn’t come until I was a teenager, working at a local mall. That’s when I began exploring makeup. So, I don’t have one standout moment, but rather a collection of memories from when I first started delving into the world of beauty! I am more of a pragmatic person when it comes to beauty, focusing on what feels right and works best for me.

Mona Patel, Monii Hair Cape founder

What were you doing before you became a beauty entrepreneur?

Before embarking on my journey as a beauty entrepreneur, I spent over two decades in the corporate world, working at Deloitte & Touche and Fannie Mae, focusing on accounting and finance. I thoroughly enjoyed my professional career, as it engaged my love for critical thinking and problem-solving to enhance systems and processes for greater efficiency.

My frustration with wet hair dripping after showers initially sparked the idea for Moniisays Mona Patel

Can you tell us the story behind the creation of the Monii?

The inception of Monii was born out of personal frustration and a specific need that wasn’t being met by existing products on the market. As someone who prefers to air-dry her hair, I encountered the common issue of dealing with wet hair drips. The traditional solution of wrapping my hair in a turban or towel became less viable, especially as I noticed my hair thinning. It became important to handle my hair gently, especially when wet, as it is most fragile in this state.

Searching the internet for a solution, I found that most capes were crafted from vinyl materials, focusing on water resistance rather than absorption. Moreover, the typical cape design didn’t align with my needs. I was looking for something that could rest on my shoulders, keeping me dry from hair drips while I got ready, without dampening my clothes as my hair air-dried—a significant concern given my hair’s tendency to retain water and dry slowly.

Finding no suitable solutions, I embarked on creating one. The initial prototype was made with the help of my cousin, who can sew. This basic yet effective design met my needs, keeping me dry and comfortable while allowing freedom of movement to get dressed.

Monii, therefore, is more than just a product; it’s a testament to innovation, personal need, and the drive to solve a problem that many face but few address. It’s a solution designed with care, thoughtfulness, and an understanding of what it means to treat hair with the gentleness it deserves.

The Monii Hair Cape protects your clothing, while getting ready

Is Monii self-funded?


How has your background in Finance & Accounting helped towards running a business?

My finance and accounting background has proven incredibly helpful. Unlike those with more creative or artistic talents who might struggle with the logistical aspects of a business, setting up business operations, and understanding legal and accounting requirements come naturally to me. These are the areas where I feel most at ease.

However, my real challenges include the lack of an existing network in the industry, mastering outreach, social media, marketing, and building a recognizable brand for Monii.

What is the inspiration behind the name Monii?

The name Monii comes from my childhood nickname, Moni. Since my product was totally new, I found it challenging to pick a descriptive name that fit. So, I opted for something personal and catchy—my own nickname, just spelled a bit differently to make it unique. The name and the logo felt right and special.

Can you describe the design of the Monii?

Monii is designed to drape effortlessly over your shoulders, ensuring it stays in place for easy wearing and removal. The mandarin collars offer full protection around your neck. Monii features a long pocket lined with terry cotton at the back, specifically designed to catch wet hair drips and prevent them from reaching the floor. This pocket also provides a convenient space to tuck in long hair, keeping your back dry.

The front pockets serve a dual purpose: they catch drips from hair in front and act as an additional pair of hands to hold small accessories, such as hair pins, makeup brushes, or a cell phone. Built-in elastic straps within these pockets ensure that makeup brushes are securely placed, enhancing Monii’s practicality and versatility.

Monii is so versatile that I am constantly amused by the creative ways users share how they utilize it—ways I hadn’t even imagined. For instance, one user told me she wears the back side to the front for full coverage when applying makeup, giving her a large pocket in the front to store her essentials!

What material is the Monii made from and why did you choose those fabrics?

I crafted Monii from 100% terry cotton and luxurious satin. Choosing thick or heavyweight terry cotton for the inner layer was a deliberate decision, aimed at absorbing excess water from wet hair while providing a soft cotton feel against bare skin for maximum comfort. For the outer layer, I opted for satin because of its smoothness, which helps reduce frizz and maintain soft, smooth hair. Beyond its luxurious feel, I specifically selected satin for its benefits to individuals with natural and curly hair. Together, these two layers create the perfect blend of luxury, functionality, and comfort.

Monii is made from 100% terry cotton and luxurious satin

How many variations of the Monii do you produce? For example, can those with long hair use it?

Currently, we offer two variations of Monii. The first is our classic satin Monii, designed primarily for managing wet hair and protecting clothing. This version is tailored to meet the needs of most women and comes in two sizes: S/M and Large. Monii is ideal for individuals with long hair, as it can be easily tucked into the designated pocket. While Monii may not function as intended for wet hair management for those with very long and thick hair, it still provides considerable comfort and protection.

We have also introduced a denim version of Monii. This variation maintains similar functionality but features a unique design with a longer front and no full back, offering an alternative style and look.

What has been the most challenging aspect of producing the Monii?

The most challenging aspect of producing Monii has been navigating an entirely new industry, especially from a corporate background where I spent over two decades. The shift from the corporate world to manufacturing, e-commerce retail, social media, and digital marketing presented a steep learning curve. Acquainting myself with these areas’ norms, best practices, and intricacies has been both new and challenging. Recognizing that I’m not an expert in these fields, I continuously seek to learn and engage with professionals who are, ensuring their expertise guides Monii’s journey.

Has the Monii always been geared towards hair protection? When did you come up with the idea of using it for makeup products as well?

My frustration with wet hair dripping after showers initially sparked the idea for Monii, driving me to find a solution that combined comfort with functional design. However, my inclination toward solving problems didn’t stop there. Once the original issue was addressed with Monii’s design, I started exploring how it could further protect against messes from other beauty routines.

I incorporated features to enhance its utility across a wider range of beauty tasks. For instance, the mandarin collar offers protection against accidental burns from heated styling tools. Covering the front safeguards your favorite outfits from makeup spills, eliminating the need to contemplate whether to get dressed first or after makeup to protect your clothes. It also protects you from various beauty routines, including coloring hair at home, applying face masks, or applying oil or leave-in conditioners to your hair for longer periods of time.

Thus, Monii has evolved to offer comprehensive protection, enabling you to carry on with your day worry-free. It safeguards your clothes during various beauty regimens, not just hair drying.

The front pockets are great for storing makeup equipment

Tell us a little about the Monii Bridal Collection

The Monii Bridal Collection showcases why Monii is an indispensable essential for every bride. This line upholds the classic Monii elegance, perfectly protecting the bride’s dream dress as she prepares for her big moment. Monii’s versatility shines as a practical accessory that safeguards the wedding dress from makeup spills and hairspray mist — essential for flawless photos under any light. Moreover, it offers warmth in chilly dressing rooms and features convenient pockets for holding a cell phone and tissues. This small but significant detail keeps essentials close amidst the day’s excitement.

The Bridal Collection illustrates Monii’s appeal as an ideal gift for the bride and bridesmaids. Unique and innovative, it stands apart from typical bridesmaid gift options. Monii can be personalized with a name, initials, or a date, making it extra special and memorable. It’s a gift that will be cherished and used every day after the big day!

The Bridal Monii Hair Cape is ideal for protecting clothing

What has been the most rewarding aspect of running your business?

One of the most rewarding aspects of running my business has been the positive feedback from Monii users. Hearing their appreciation and comments like “Why has no one thought of this before?” or “This is genius” is incredibly gratifying. Such feedback highlights Monii’s uniqueness and impact and affirms the value it brings to our customers’ lives.

Just as rewarding but bittersweet is the journey of constant learning and discovery. Venturing into a new industry and figuring out everything can be exhausting, yet incredibly fulfilling. I continuously learn, gain new skills, and connect with so many new people.

Who has inspired you on your journey?

Watching my husband and son work on different ideas and businesses inspired me to pursue Monii. My drive comes from my desire to problem-solve, self-motivation, confidence, and hard work. Perseverance and strong faith guide me, and I believe in the power of positive energy, the importance of doing the right thing, and the virtue of patience.

What are your future plans for the Monii?

Monii is still in its infancy as a brand, introducing a novel product that many have yet to discover or even conceive of. My primary goal is to gain Monii’s visibility and ensure it becomes a well-known product that enhances the getting-ready routines of many individuals. Beyond increasing awareness, I aspire to broaden our product line by introducing new products designed to enrich our customers’ lives.

Where can we find you?

Instagram | @everydaymonii
Website |

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