Tony Wade MBE: A West Indian Icon Remembered

Explore the life of Tony Wade MBE, a visionary leader in the West Indian community and the beauty industry. His legacy and impact is remembered.

We bid farewell to a truly iconic figure, Tony Wade. This man, who was not only a visionary in serving the needs of the West Indian community in London but also held global respect as a leader in the Beauty Industry, has left an indelible mark on the world. Today, as we stand in mourning, I remember a man who possessed a unique sense of humour, and a deep affection for his beloved community.

Tony Wade was undoubtedly one of the brightest stars that illuminated the path towards a better understanding and representation of the West Indian community in London. As a visionary, he possessed an incredible talent for identifying the needs and aspirations of his people, and with unwavering determination, he tirelessly worked towards fulfilling those needs. Whether it was the establishment of business ventures, community organizations, or platforms for cultural exchange, Tony’s contributions were invaluable.

Beyond the local community, Tony quickly became a global figure in the Beauty Industry. Through his exceptional skills, creativity, and unwavering dedication, he rose to the pinnacle of success, earning the respect and admiration of all those who crossed his path. His expertise was unparalleled, and many aspired to follow in his footsteps, but none could truly replicate the impact he had on the beauty world.

However, Tony was not just recognized for his professional achievements; he was truly loved for his vibrant personality and incredible sense of humour. Every moment spent in his company was filled with laughter and joy. His quick wit, clever jokes, and infectious laughter had a way of brightening anyone’s day, and we shall forever cherish the memories of those moments spent together with him.

Today, as we say our final goodbyes to Tony Wade, we carry with us the legacy he leaves behind. He was a true icon, a visionary, a global leader in his field, a man with a unique sense of humour, let us remember him with love, laughter, and admiration. May his extraordinary spirit forever inspire us to strive for greatness and to find happiness in the smallest of pleasures.

Rest in peace, dear Tony. You will forever be missed, but your memory will live on in our hearts.

Tony received his MBE from Queen Elizabeth 11 on the 15th December 1987 for his Contribution to Employment.

Tony passed away in Jamaica on Thursday 7th September after a long illness. He is mourned by his wife, son, 2 daughters, granddaughter, brother and sister.

E.G. Foster – Chicago

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