Top Football Pundit Reveals He Spends £24K a Year on Hair Cuts

Football pundit Micah Richards shares his grooming budget with colleagues on CBS

Match of the Day pundit Micah Richards revealed that he has a haircut three times a week during the football season and each hair cut costs him £200

Match of the Day football pundit Micah Richard stunned his fellow pundits, Thierry Henry and Jamie Carragher and presenter Kate Abdo when he revealed on CBS that he gets his hair cut three times a week and each cut costs him £200.

It was during an amusing segment where the question arose on who has the better hair Micah Richards or AC Milan striker Olivier Giroud, that the focus fell on Richards, who was asked how often he gets a hair cut
‘Three times a week’, he replied, “I’ve got to look fly!”
Presenter Kate Abdo then revealed Micah flew his own barber out to Qatar during last year’s football World Cup, at which the star was a pundit.

He was then asked how much his barber charges, to which he replied, “£200 a time.”

Henry couldn’t comprehend the idea of getting a cut so often, asking his fellow pundit why he did it.

Fellow football pundit Thierry Henry couldn’t believe how much Micah Richards spent on his hair

Richards replied: “I’ve got to look sharp. When you look good you’re able to perform.”

Though Richards who works for Sky, the BBC and CBS explained that he only undergoes such frequent trims during the football season, it still works out to a staggering £24,000 a year.

The pundit was asked if he would change his behaviour, When asked if he felt he should ‘rethink’ his choices, he shook his head and replied: “No, no, no, no, no.”

Richards added: “I look fantastic!”

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She paid how much?

What’s the most you’ve ever spent on your hair? Is £24K a year, excessive for someone in Micah Richard’s position? We’d love to hear your comments down below…

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