During the evening, which saw guests enjoy fruit punch cocktails and delicious canapés, Charlotte unveiled her three-strong product range, which features hot super hair ingredient manketti oil to deliver weightless moisture, softness, definition and shine to Afro, mixed-race and all curl hair types.

Comprising Manketti Oil Shampoo (£18/250ml), Manketti Oil Conditioner (£18/250ml) and Manketti Oil (£36/100ml), the products are all free from SLS, parabens and silicones and are suitable for extensions, natural, relaxed, braided and colour-treated hair. In addition to delivering great results, the collection also boasts a distinctive, elegant aroma of chilli and coconut milk and exquisite packaging that will fit perfectly on the finest dressing tables and bathroom shelves.


(From left to right:) Manketti Oil Shampoo, Manketti Oil and Manketti Oil Conditioner

Ethically and sustainably sourced from manketti nuts which grow on mongongo trees in northern Namibia, manketti is loaded with vitamin E (around 563mg per 100g of shelled nuts) and a plethora of nutrients including calcium, magnesium, protein, zinc and copper. Unlike coconut oil that is higher in saturated fatty acids or monosaturated jojoba oil, manketti is high in polyunsaturated fatty acids, which act as a barrier to help prevent moisture from escaping from the hair for longer.

In addition to unveiling the range, Charlotte who has won over a dozen awards including Afro Hairdresser of the Year 2013, 2014 and Black Beauty/Sensationnel Stylist of the Year awards 2012, 2014, during a career spanning almost 30 years, treated guests to a live demonstrations to showcase the results the products deliver on a variety of hair types.

Buy online at www.charlottemensah.com