3 headscarf styles to beat the summer heat

Photo By Jerel of (www.jcolesstudio.com)

Photo by J Coles/@jcolesstudio

Candace hot tips best hair coverings for sultry summer days

Hotter-than-hot summer days are ahead, especially in the South. So it’s best to start strategizing a fashionable plan to keep moisture in and unnecessary heat out of our tresses. That’s where fun, functional headscarves come in. Depending on the fabric, hair scarves can shield locs from the elements, help prevent breakage and provide breathable, beautiful options to ornament hair.

If you’re clueless to the most stylish ways to doll them up, though, visit my new favorite head wrap site, The Wrap Life, for creative ideas on the daily. But before hand-picking these hairstyling accessories by fancy designs and patterns, know what textures work best to tame hair and tackle this year’s sizzling summer:

SILK: Silk scarves are considered the best options for wear since this texture is extremely porous. This delicate fabric also doesn’t pull moisture out of tresses like cotton does. Although I will don silk scarves in the day, I normally reserve them for humid summer nights after conditioning my locs first. The material is soft, soothing to the head and offers comfortable wear for long periods of time, which is crucial during beauty sleep.

SATIN: A weave textile, satin offers a glossy, velvety feel to the head while keeping hair hydrated and fresh. Like silk, satin retains moisture and reduces thinning, breakage and knotted strands. Again, I prefer satin headscarves for nighttime fashion but will definitely oil my locs and tie them up in satin head wraps for around-the-clock wear.

LINEN: The most breathable fabric, linen is derived from fibers of the flax plant. Linen scarves supply coolness to the head. This type of fabric creates a constant airflow, and because its weaving reflects heat, it serves as a brilliant shade blocker. For beach dates, linen scarves always keep my tresses protected and pretty, too.

Candace Morrow, a.k.a. Cowgirl Candace

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