5 beauty gigs for glamour-lovin’ graduates to pursue

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You’ve rightfully earned a degree in a field like business, chemistry or communication — primarily to please the parents — but that’s not really what you love to do. Frankly, beauty and hair have tickled your fashion fancy for years. You’re just not exactly sure how to break the news to the family or into these industries. Well, these stylish starter careers are easy ways to enter glamour-related fields while still putting majors not typically associated with them into great use:

Becoming a beauty blogger: These nonstop content creators write for and about various brands. Usually, bloggers test products, develop product reviews, attend beauty-targeted events and stay on top of industry trends and trendsetters. If you love talking and writing about hair, makeup and fashion, this gig is hands down a winner. Oh! And you can connect it to your major by blogging and pitching stories to respective employers since today’s businesses need engaging content for their sites and social media.

Becoming a hair model: Beside making us all feel like we need to make a hair appointment like yesterday, hair models help keep us on the cusp of today’s hairstyles and hair products. If your face and hair is healthy and versatile, consider this potentially lucrative gig also for beauty shows; music videos; film/TV projects; and print and digital advertising opportunities. You will surely learn a lot about business, beauty and branding along the way.

Becoming a makeup artist: Have a natural knack for face beating? Start applying your flawless makeup skills as a beauty consultant and artist. Build up your clientele and experience, and who knows? Brands like MAC and Sephora may become your next employer. Play your networking and creativity cards right, and this gig may lead to fashion and entertainment jobs. Guaranteed: You’re exercising serious wrist action while honing communication, business and artistic abilities.

Becoming a fashion influencer: If your style sense is on unicorn status and you’re constantly reminding folks on IG, then capitalize on your ostentatious outfits. Effective fashion influencers know how to turn any article into money-making awesomeness — so much so that designers and brands pay to collaborate with them for fashion advertisements, events and shows. You have to build a strong following, though. If your fashion is on fleek, you can easily establish a social media empire.

Becoming a beauty showgirl: OK. I kinda made this title up, but roll with it. It’s pretty much hair modelling and catwalking at national and international hair and beauty shows. Bad walks and boujee hair beauties should apply. Become that hot chick flaunting beauty products throughout the exhibition floor for award-winning brands, hairstylists and fashion designers. Kick off this beauty assignment locally by building relationships with show coordinators and exhibitors, then network your tush off to represent at global trade shows.

Candace Morrow, a.k.a. Cowgirl Candace

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