5 Surprising Benefits of Sunlight For Black Skin, Hair

Our US correspondent Candace Dantes discusses the advantages of basking in last-minute warm weather as autumn approaches

Post by Candace DantesImages by Suhyoon Cho

Won’t we come up with some excuses to stay in the house when it’s hot ladies? Let’s keep it real: “It’s too hot outside” and “I can’t let this hair sweat out, girl” are common lines we live by to avoid daylight as much as possible.

Of course, overexposure to the sun causes negative effects, but it’s not always our adversary in the hair and skin department. Frankly, it’s a beauty friend. The following facts about sunlight may come as a pleasant surprise worth taking advantage of as summer closes out and fall comes in:


SUNLIGHT BOOSTS VITAMIN D. In fact, vitamin D is dubbed the “sunshine vitamin,” because once your skin is exposed to sunlight, it produces vitamin D from cholesterol. Vitamin D signals cells in your belly to absorb phosphorus and calcium, which are necessary for healthy bones. And if you haven’t realized it by now, you naturally come with superhuman attributes like melanin, darker-skinned pigments that help protect the skin from too much sun exposure. Melanin also safeguards you against threats such as skin cancers and sunburns. Beauty tip: Midday is consider the most ideal time to get sunlight.

SUNLIGHT LIFTS THE SPIRIT. A few rays can go a long way for skin. Did you know your production of serotonin — known as the happy hormone — is directly impacted by sunshine? A good mood actually radiates through the skin, creating this gratifying glow. On the flip side, little or no sunlight can result in more down-in-the-dumps days and will show on your face as well. Beauty tip: Smile and laugh more. It tends to make you look and feel younger.

SUNLIGHT SHEDS POUNDS. In addition to lifting up your mood, sunlight shrinks fat cells. You heard right, which explains why folks who always engage in outdoor activities/careers or live in hotter countries appear slimmer. The World Health Organization recommends 5 to 15 minutes of casual sun exposure to the face, arms and hands at least two to three times a week during summer months. Beauty tip: During the winter months, plan a summer vacation to help manage gained weight.


SUNLIGHT STIMULATES HIGHLIGHTS. Depending on your hair colour and density, you can naturally lighten strands using the sun’s rays. The following hair prepping methods can accomplish subtle hues: squeezing lemon juice onto your hair; spraying tresses with a saltwater blend or applying apple cider vinegar to it. Check out more sunny solutions and steps to lighten hair here. Beauty tip: You may have to give sunlight-achieved highlights a few tries before really seeing results.

SUNLIGHT COMBATS HAIR LOSS. Remember the bullet about vitamin D? Well, here’s another reason sunlight and vitamin D do a body good: Hair loss is a manifestation of vitamin D deficiency. As mentioned earlier, one way to trigger vitamin D in your body is a little ol’ sunshine — and a little will do — which not only contributes to healthy bones but lessens and the possibility of losing your tresses, too. Beauty tip: Nurture healthy, shiny hair by taking vitamin A to keep tresses moisturized and B-vitamins like biotin to continue hair growth.

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  1. by J on 24/12/2023  6:17 PM Reply

    Great story. All praises to the Most High for blessing us with melanin.

  2. by x on 31/05/2020  12:16 AM Reply

    Black is beautiful girlfriend!

  3. by Cindy casimir on 16/09/2018  10:20 AM Reply

    Great read! It’s very true about the excuses we come up with. I actually avoid the sun, because I don’t want to get any darker. However, now that I know the benefits from a little sunbathing I will make a chsnge before the warm weather leaves us.
    Great article!

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