7 perks to whippin’ fierce, curly locs throughout 2018

Photo by Corey Reese/@coreyreesephoto

Why this style is worthy of every roller set second

DIY loc queens understand the time and energy it takes to create custom hairstyles, especially ravishing ringlets. With varying personal methods to accomplish curly, voluminous tresses — from braid outs to bantu knots to perm rods — a lot of arm patience and hair-rolling perfection goes into this homemade hairstyle. That said, knowing how strenuous the task is prevents many locked beauties from voguing this fun style regularly. But when it is carried out, the compliments come showering in. Other privileges to whippin’ out curly locs even more in the new year:

THE LOOK IS LOW MAINTENANCE. Think about it: You pretty much cut your hair/beauty routine in half. Tresses are already styled and ready to profile for the people — whether for work or play.

THE LOOK IS SUSTAINABLE. Tight curls can literally hold up for weeks, and once they start to drop, watch locs morph into wavy wonderment.

THE LOOK IS VERSATILE. Curled locs open up artistic opportunities to fashion tresses into flower petal fros, topsy-turvy updos and fierce faux haircuts. Adorning your crown with headbands and hair combs only amplifies the style’s splendor.

THE LOOK IS A HEAD-TURNER. Big hair attracts instant attention. When curly hair is teased out, the style is a massive masterpiece that stands out because of its rarity.

THE LOOK IS OUTRAGEOUSLY EASYGOING. Curls equal a carefree state of mind. The free-flowing movement of locs in this particular pattern also heightens your unbothered, I’m-a-boss appeal.

THE LOOK IS NOT PRODUCT DEPENDENT. No need to weigh down curly locs with hairsprays and setting lotions. After these babies unravel, they’re perfectly primed to hold for days on their own.

THE LOOK GETS BIGGER, BETTER. Simply finger comb through locs by the day, and tresses will start to stretch. Creating this fullness effect means new, exaggerated styling options in ponytails, pompadours and plaits.

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