Black-Owned Fragrance Week Aims To Celebrate Year 3 In Style

Black-Owned Fragrance Week organiser Glenn Davis says that the scent-forward event will take place between February 3rd to the 10th, this Black History Month

Black-Owned Fragrance Week founder Glenn Davis

Elevating scents and empowering voices are key to fragrance influencer Glenn Davis’s vision for Black-Owned Fragrance Week. In its third year, the annual event celebrates and supports Black-owned perfume brands from start-up businesses to more established brands.

The man behind it Glenn Davis – better known as mrcologne76, is a leading influencer, connoisseur, brand ambassador, and fragrance evaluator for the perfume industry, who connects smooth island-style with fragrance enthusiasts and perfume brands. 

One of Glenn’s mottos is “Ordinary people discovering extraordinary scents”

“As an influencer, I recognised the potential of my platform and felt a deep sense of obligation to act,” Glenn says. “I firmly believe visibility plays a pivotal role in sparking curiosity and ultimately can drive sales for these brands.”

Bringing together brands, influencers, and enthusiasts for the week-long event, Black-Owned Fragrance Week shines a light on Black-owned fragrance brands with the goal of fostering industry relations and creating opportunities for everyone.

Black-owned beauty brands face unique barriers and challenges when it comes to equity and representation, according to data published in the 2022 quarterly by McKinsey & Company.

New Directory and Fragrance Finder Launched by BlackPerfumers

New directory launched to find black perfumers worldwide

Returning this year with an upgraded brand presence and expanded team, the Fragrance Week looks forward to increased engagement and industry support that will help lay the groundwork for an in-person BIPOC Scent Expo that Glenn Davis envisions for 2026.

Anticipated industry interviews for this year’s BOFW currently are: The Elemental Fragrances, Octavia Morgan, Bright Black Candles, Mystery Modern Mark, Lionel Nesbitt of Berje Inc., and Zernell Gillie with more expected to be arranged.

Black Beauty & Hair caught up with US-based Black-Owned Fragrance Week founder Glenn Davis to find out how he got into this niche beauty sector.

Glenn Davis owns over 2,000 perfumes

When did your interest in fragrances start?

My interest in fragrances began at around 8-years-old, sparked by my father’s affinity for perfumes. His choice of scents intrigued me and ignited my curiosity about the world of fragrance. When I was 17, my mother gifted me a bottle of perfume, further fuelling my fascination with scents. In 2017, I started creating fragrance-related content as mrcologne76, leading me to explore an even more diverse range of fragrances, including those from Black-owned brands. As I shared these with the online fragrance community, I was surprised at how many people had not heard of any Black-owned fragrance brands. This disparity in exposure urged me to take action to increase visibility, and Black-Owned Fragrance Week was born.

Part of Glenn’s perfume collection

Do you have a favourite perfume?

After collecting over 2000 fragrances, I started noticing patterns and developing preferences for certain notes or fragrance families. While I don’t have a single favourite fragrance (there are too many amazing options to choose from!), I’m particularly drawn to scents that evoke memories and emotions, regardless of the brand or price point. Also, having a sizable collection, I have favourites within certain notes, such as my favourite rose or vanilla fragrances.

Why is it important to have Black-Owned Fragrance Week?

The importance of Black-Owned Fragrance Week lies in its ability to provide a platform for representation, empowerment, and recognition within the fragrance industry. By spotlighting Black perfumers, creators, and brands, we are celebrating diversity and fostering inclusivity, challenging traditional norms, and promoting equal opportunities for all.

Black perfumers contribute a unique perspective and creativity to the fragrance world, infusing their creations with cultural influences, personal experiences, and innovative techniques. Their contributions enrich the industry, pushing boundaries and inspiring others to embrace diversity and authenticity in scent creation.

What form will the third Black-Owned Fragrance Week take?

This year’s Black-Owned Fragrance Week will primarily take the form of online seminars, interviews, Q&A sessions, promotions, and giveaways. These virtual initiatives aim to spotlight and support Black-owned fragrance brands while fostering industry relations and creating opportunities for growth. We plan to build on this in 2025 by continuing the momentum through 2024 while recruiting more organisers, and reaching more brands, so, a bigger better 2025 is guaranteed.

How can UK fragrance fans get involved?

UK fragrance fans can get involved in BOFW by participating in online events, following BOFW social media channels for updates and announcements, engaging with Black-owned fragrance brands online, and supporting participating brands through purchases and social media shares. Additionally, they can spread the word about BOFW to friends and family who may be interested in supporting Black-owned businesses in the fragrance industry. As BOFW enters its third year, the anticipation builds for its fourth installment in 2025.

Where can we find you?

@blackownedfragranceweek | IG
@mrcologne76 | IG

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