Elevate Your Vacation Hair with RUWA®: Fast-Drying Magic

Discover RUWA®, the revolutionary braiding hair with AQUATEX® fiber, offering tangle-free, lightweight, and fast-drying braids, ideal for your active holidays.

Planning holiday hair? Chances are braids top the list. Convenient and carefree – what’s not to love, right? Once you’ve pinpointed the style you want to wear (take your pick of box braids, goddess braids, knotless braids), it’s all about finding the hair that will serve come rain or shine.

Cue RUWA®…

The most advanced braiding hair on the market.
Designed and developed using the latest technology in fibre innovation, RUWA® puts an end to all your braid banes – shedding, tangles, odour, heavy weight, slow drying time. Reshaping the future of braids, RUWA® bridges the gap between science and protective styling, harnessing every thing you need for your dream holiday hair.

Backed by science

So how does it work?
RUWA® is made with 100% AQUATEX® fibre developed by the genius makers of Kanekalon®. Each strand is treated with an advanced hydrophobic coating to naturally reply water and moisture, allowing you to shampoo regularly with quick drying time, even after hot water setting. When it comes to poolside chilling, swimming, and showering, you can fully immerse your hair in water without the dreaded ‘weighed down’ feeling wet braids can inflict. Plus, with drying time cut in half, you can enjoy more me-time at the beach.

Futuristic fibre innovation

How does this revolutionise my holiday hair?
The team behind RUWA® manufactured the hair with an active lifestyle in mind, making it the go-to travel companion. The hydrophobic coating eliminates tangles during installation and wear, making styling and maintenance a breeze. This key feature also supports a healthy scalp care routine by minimising product build-up between washes which will prevent matting and breakage during take out – giving you the ultimate peace of mind while you vacay.

Swim-proof braids

Washing your protective style is no longer a chore. With its instantly activated fast-drying time you can say ‘goodbye’ to dank smelling hair after swimming or a gym workout. Taking the concept of classic braid extensions, and reinventing each strand with innovative fibre technology, the results of RUWA® are revolutionary.



Choose from seven textures to define your holiday aesthetic

Available in classic colours, block shades and ombré blends

Folded lengths go up to a fashionable 36 inches

Shop in store or online at www.spellbeauty.com

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