Irie Rock comes to London

Irie Rock is a homegrown Jamaican beauty range that is taking over London. BBH speak to the founder, Racquell Brown

Founder of Irie Rock, Racquell Brown

What made you dream up the name Irie Rock Yaad Spa?
The Irie Rock name was actually choosen by the customers … I did a focus group and this name was one of a few that was presented to the group and one day I was walking and one of the ladies that had partaken in the group said ‘hi Ms Irie Rock’ and that cemented it . That convinced me that the name was memorable and that was what I wanted. I cant even remember the other names that was presented today, I think I made the right choice.
There are so many brands and products using natural ingredients, what makes the Irie Rock range so special? 
What makes us so special is how we fuse natural herbs with naturally derived innovative pharmaceutical ingredients at an ideal percentage to produce the best results for our customers. For us, its all about the results. As the slogan says we provide natural skincare that works. Thats a big claim and we work very hard to produce just that ,which is only possible through the ingredients we use in our products and how we balance each to produce the best product.

The Curlture ladies testing out the products

Why should we treat skin concerns with natural products? 
The skin is our largest organ and we need to ensure that whatever we put on it will be in harmony with it. Products that will nourish it to make it stronger and better, not the opposite. People using natural products are also less likely to get allergic reactions.

Natural skin care seems to be the way forward

What’s your favourite ingredient?
Tea Tree … because of its wonderful benefits from being antiseptic to anti fugal, its diversity in usage is wonderful. And Vitamin C, as im getting older this product has become one of my must haves. Absolutely love love how this ingredient can tranform the skin when used properly . We have recently added a Vitamin C serum to our range where we have 4 boosters in our one month package giving our customers a fresh batch of Vitamin C booster each week . By doing this the customer is ensured that they are getting the optimum and best product over the 7 day period of usage. This guarantees freshness which is great for Vitamin C because after awhile Vitamin C tends  to oxidise which is bad for the skin so being able to control when to make up your serum is ideal.

The Tea Tree & Witch Hazel and Coconut range

Tell us about the new Tea Tree & Witch Hazel range…
The Irie Rock Tea Tree &Witch Hazel line is our line that caters to persons with oily and acne prone skin. Its a wonderful line that is setup as a regime in order to tackle all aspects of acne .  The line consists of a Deep Pore Cleanser which is great for cleansing the skin without overdrying it while treating it.  We also have a Toner/Treatment. This product helps to prevent future acne breakout , we have a light exfoliating scrub that helps in getting rid of black heads and white heads and of course we all need a moisturizer, our replenishing moisturizer is ideal for all skin types . It’s an oil free moisturizer that won’t clog the pores and hydrates the skin without leaving it oily.  We have recently added our Clarifying Masque that detoxes the skin and  is also a treatment in its own right. One of its most popular uses is as a one spot treatment . Because we know that acne doesnt only affect the face we also created the Irie Rock Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Chest , Back and Shoulder Acne Wash that treats the body for those persons that suffer from body acne.
Irie Rock is available at Paks

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  1. by A.Cecile Watson on 04/09/2017  11:54 PM Reply

    I work with women entrepreneurs and it is easy to identify the ones that will go the distance. Irie Rock has not disappointed. So proud of this new milestone for Jamaican woman entrepreneur Racquell Brown who has taken her Irie Rock line to UK. Now the UK market has a new option for natural skincare that works. Congrats Racquell & Irie Rock! Now London too is lucky to have you.

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