Natural Hair Journey: How to Stay Inspired and on Track

It’s officially autumn and that natural hair journey you started in January 2017 should be in full swing. However, if it’s been a struggle or you need some words of wisdom to stay on track, here are some inspirational comments from dedicated websites, and styles from As I Am Naturally.

Don’t forget why you started
You took the step towards natural for a reason. Why? Recount the exact moment you did and use that as motivation. Was it to embrace the way your hair naturally grows from your scalp? Were relaxers causing damage to your hair? Whatever the case may be, hold firm to that original decision. You took a great leap and no matter where you are in your journey you’ve come too far to give up now!

The Grass Isn’t Always Greener On the Other Side
Don’t wait to love your hair until it is longer. And don’t envy a texture you can never naturally attain. Instead, focus on watering your grass. You may surprise yourself… and fall in love. Every hair type, texture, and length has its pros and cons. When you take the time to learn your hair without any detractors, you find solutions to the issues you are having with your hair. For a long time, I struggled with detangling my highly textured hair. Part of me envied women with finer, curlier hair. But envy would not solve my detangling issues. Seeking advice from women who successfully honed their detangling skills did.

Looking at the mirror and not seeing growth

Sometimes your hair goes through awkward stages where you can’t seem to be making any progress and all of a sudden, BOOM! Wow, how did this happen? How did my hair grow so much? If you focus on having healthy hair, moisturising, deep conditioning, trimming, having a proper diet and following your hair regimen, you’ll foster hair growth. So focus on this instead of length and enjoy the curls you have.

Keep it simple

I stuck to a simple regimen at the beginning i.e. used coconut oil, castor oil, water and olive oil. My advise to you who is starting the journey is that you keep it simple. Don’t get caught up in all the product reviews we bloggers do ;-). Just know what works for you.

Images courtesy of As I Am

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