New natural haircare products

Two new gotta-have natural hair products on our radar

Q-Redew Hair Steamer

Since it’s always nice to find a natural haircare products that will work for even the kinkiest of curls, we thought we’d show you guys two of our newest finds. First, the Q-Redew Hair Steamer ($78) is a godsend for heatless styling. Founded by Heidi Schmid, Q-Redew works as part of the #NoMoreDamage movement that calls for promoting healthy hair through the lack of damaging hair entities such as relaxers and heat in excess.

(Via: Natural Chica on YouTube)

So, we know that as a curly girl your arm will probably get a little tired while you’re working on your head. We promise it’s worth it though! The Q-Redew works to do is make it easy to take the time for dealing with your hair. It encourages your hair to be healthy, defines your natural curls, and aids in achieving countless styles. Even more, the Q-Redew works to maintain colour so that it says as vibrant as before.  Thin to thick hair are all treated with the same level of care thanks to the Q-Redew and honestly, we couldn’t love this product more thanks to that.

The Q-Redew is not currently available in the UK, but there are plans to introduce the steamer into the UK. Watch this space.


Weave Scratcher

Next up, would be the Weave Scratcher ($6). Although we know that Beyoncé said to pat your weave, but we also know that that’s a dangerous game to play without a glam squad five feet away. WS Products invented the Weave Scratcher in 2011 after surveying many women who became frustrated with the fact that there was nothing on the market that can relieve the annoying itch that comes with wearing a weave. The usual objects press-ganged into service – bobby pins and rat tail combs could cause damage to the scalp if used injudiciously. This comb uses the curly girl as its top priority in whatever style she’s wearing her hair in. The goal: stop the itch, be that b*tch!

The Weave Scratcher

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