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Out-of-the-box bridal hair trends from the award-winning My Hair Bar salon

Spring marks the beginning of bridal season, and with that comes the frantic search from brides-to-be to find a hairstyle that is perfect for their Big Day. With Afro hair there are so many styling options to choose from, such as flowing hair extensions, braids, straight, sleek updos, a big, bountiful Afro – the choices are really endless.

Natasha John-Lewis

At award-winning, central London based salon My Hair Bar they know a thing or two about bridal hairstyling. The salon has previously won Best Bridal Styling at the 2016 Black Beauty/Sensationnel Awards and the 2017 No Scrunchie Award for Best Bridal Stylists. Salon co-owner Natasha John-Lewis has created a stunning collection of bridal images which reflects the slightly more individualistic approach to bridal styling. She says, “Women no longer feel they have to play it safe when it comes to styling their hair for the big day. You can wear your hair how you desire on your wedding day, just ensure you give yourself ample time to decide on a look and plan your gown and accessories around it.”

The edgy bride

Think walking down the aisle confines you to a fail-safe hair colour palette of black and off black? Think again. Now more than ever brides are experimenting with bright, bold colours to inject a bit of fun and individualism into their look. Natasha says: “I created this look for the edgy bride who wants her hair to reflect her personality. To create this look I bleached the model’s hair completely and added a light lilac colour at the tips. Sides were shaved low and the top moulded into a soft, wispy Mohawk. The rules have changed with regards to bridal hairstyles, women can wear any look they desire, with this particular look we softened it with a simple bohemian style vintage dress and I think it works really well.”

The regal bride

“For this style I incorporated the ancient tradition of African threading and modernised it. Increasingly brides are looking to inject their culture and heritage in their look and I think this demonstrates it aptly. I decided to add lengthy, dramatic extensions for this model bride as I wanted it to be head-turning and make a bold style statement. If you are opting for a style that’s a bit out of the ordinary for you or you are trying something new I suggest doing a trial as soon as possible. Book your appointment, bring all your ideas and hair accessorise so we can work on finding a look that works for you and you feel comfortable with.”

The natural bride

With natural hair continuing to be the tour de force it is, and so many women returning to their natural texture, it’s no surprise that this would be reflected in bridal hair trends too. Once upon a time, the unspoken rule was that women had to wear their hair bone straight on their wedding day, but now thankfully we’re beginning to see a diverse set of looks, and many women are displaying their natural texture in all its beauty and glory on their Big Day. Natasha agrees: “This look is beautiful, and really easy to achieve. After stretching the model’s hair slightly by lightly blowdrying it, I created two buns at the back and left out the model’s hair at the front and allowed her beautiful ‘fro to flow naturally.”

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