The Queen of Hair Growth | The Mane Choice’s Courtney Adeleye

Exclusive interview with Courtney Adeleye the CEO and founder of US-based hair growth brand Mane Choice 


CEO and founder of The Mane Choice, Courtney Adeleye

In the hair world the name Courtney Adeleye is very well known. But for those in the dark, she is the CEO and founder of The Mane Choice, the company that churns out the number one US-selling Manetabolism Plus

The story started in 2008 when Courtney decided to take a break from relaxing her shoulder-length hair. She found her new growth to be so strong and thick that she never returned to chemicals again. But back then being a naturalista wasn’t so easy, and with the lack of products and even knowledge available, growing healthy hair hinged on homemade concoctions and a lot of trial and error. Through relentless research, Courtney tried and tested a bevy of ingredients and mixtures on her own hair and along the way posted her journey and results on social media, which today has garnered over 180k followers. So when we had a chance to interview one of our favourite hair inspirations, we couldn’t wait to learn more about her phenomenal journey, the art of hair growth and the woman behind the brand…

We’ve followed your hair journey from the early days, but for those who aren’t familiar, tell us a bit about yourself… I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, and at the time it was a city of high economic struggle. But, I’ve always wanted so much more out of life than what I saw around me. Shortly after completing my degree in nursing I was faced with the challenge of obtaining a degree as a nurse practitioner or fully launching TheMane Choice Hair Solution, while having a husband and three children. Even though it required plenty of sacrifice and many sleepless nights, I made my decision and The Mane Choice Hair Solution was born.

What prompted you to ditch relaxers and go natural? After suffering from the negative effects of lye, I decided to lay off of relaxers for a while. After so long, I noticed how strong and healthy my roots looked. I immediately stopped relaxing and never looked back since. I transitioned for a year and half, wore my hair in a bun 80 per cent of the time, and had it straight for the rest. I wasn’t that educated about natural hair at the time. But the biggest challenge was finding products to manage and maintain my natural hair. I started researching the anatomy of hair and the scientific necessities to grow and retain healthy hair, and then started playing with my own mixtures. As with any experiment, there is good and bad. The process leading up to the development of what the brand is today was definitely trial and error. But, it was through this process I learned what worked and what didn’t. I stand proudly behind each and every product, not only because I am the CEO but also because I am a consumer, as well.

What makes Manetabolism Plus different to all the other hair growing supplements out there? As with every product, we took a medically, holistic developmental approach when formulating Manetabolism Plus—which are currently rated the number one multicultural, healthy hair growth vitamin. Manetabolism Plus is a supplement not just a hair vitamin. Aside from its primary focus to grow healthy hair, it also works to balance out vitamin deficiencies. While growing hair longer, thicker and faster is our motto, our proprietary blend is what truly makes Manetabolism Plus unique and gives us the ability to regrow hair follicles in inactive areas of the scalp. Manetabolism Plus works to nourish hair follicles, prevent hair loss, remove scalp toxins and speed up hair growth. They also work to improve the overall health of the hair and prevent breakage. Our vitamin stimulates the circulation on the scalp, thus improving the overall hair quality. By stimulating blood flow on the scalp, hair follicles become stronger, cutting down on hair breakage, hair loss, and thinning.

You did scientific research in order to determine what ingredients to use in your vitamins. What are some of the essential things we should know about hair anatomy and hair growth? After much research, my nursing background, and the help of my husband who is a physician, we came to the decision that we did not want to come out with a vitamin that was solely for hair. Together, we decided to take things to an entirely different level by adding ingredients like niacin. When you hear Niacin, you think of people dealing with blood pressure or cholesterol. Cholesterol also builds up on your scalp and in the pores of the scalp, which niacin aids to break down. The amount of niacin is just enough to block the cholesterol on your scalp. We try to take this developmental approach into all angles of production so that we can allow the hair to grow, but also do your body some good.

How long does it take to see results while using Manetabolism Plus? In regards to hair and seeing results, it depends on the person, his or her diet, and severity. On average, results can be seen within 60 days; whereas, results may take a few months to notice in a person with alopecia. The results truly vary, as you can see on our Instagram page, @themanechoice. It is important to remember that pictures are key tools to track results and spark motivation to stay the course. Aside from taking Manetabolism Plus, people must remember that deep conditioning every two or three weeks is also a vital part of one’s hair care regimen. Take our Green Tea & Carrot Deep Conditioning Mask for example. It is biotin enriched and contains protein amongst other ingredients. This deep conditioner penetrates deep into the shaft to provide essential nutrients and biotin, while repairing damage and strengthening each strand.

Does having natural hair improve the chances of longer hair growth? When it comes to hair anatomy it’s important to understand that there are various hair types and ethnicities that come into play. But, what’s more important is that particular person’s rate of hair growth. This is the main reason we designed our products with the healthy hair user in mind, regardless of hair type, gender or ethnicity. Our philosophy is based on providing essential nutrients from the inside of the body to topical applications directly to the hair follicle and shaft in order to stimulate and grow longer, thicker, healthier hair.

Is length the only sign to healthy hair? Although it is one of the most desired traits of healthy hair, it is not the only indicator. Other properties such a thickness, shine, manageability, and lack of breakage and shedding are others. We always encourage people to take before and after pictures to notice the positive transitions and changes their hair goes through while using our products. Pictures are key, because they can point out stark differences that the naked eye can often miss.

What do you say to those who believe their hair won’t grow past a certain length? That you are wrong and need to make the choice… The Mane Choice. I was once that person. I had a relaxer andmy hair could not grow past shoulder length without breaking and looking damaged. Over the years I have been able to growmy hair to my tailbone, and it is the thickest and healthiest it’s beenmy entire life. If you don’t believe me, look to our Instagram page @TheManeChoice or search the hashtag #TheManeChoice #Manetabolism #TeamPurpleBottle to see the testimonies of others. There is hope for anyone to achieve the hair of their dreams, which is why I named the company The Mane Choice Hair Solution. If there is a hair issue you are dealing with, I want The Mane Choice to be your go-to for a solution.


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