Tried & Tested: The Curl & Cut Service at Purely Natural

Beauty writer Karine Laudort undergoes the Curl & Cut service using Mielle products at the Purely Natural Hair Salon in East London

Purely Natural is a pre-eminent natural hair salon located in Stratford, East London. With over 35 years of experience in the hair care industry, they offer a range of signature treatments designed to restore hair’s natural glow, address issues such as premature greying or damage from styling and cater to individual needs. These treatments include protein treatments to improve elasticity and prevent breakage, moisture treatments to hydrate and restore softness, and combination treatments for overall hair strength and manageability.

The salon prides itself on offering tailored treatment plans based on each client’s specific needs, using high-quality products, cutting-edge technology, and advanced techniques. Additionally, they provide micro locs to natural updos and everything in between, catering to diverse styling preferences. Their experienced stylists offer short consultations to determine the correct treatment package and set up a tailored plan for healthy results, regardless of individual styling preferences.

I finally got the chance to try this salon and went for a ‘Curl & Cut’ which involved a wash, hair treatment, trim and blowout. My hair requires a lot of hydration and moisture so I was really looking forward to this experience.

Step 1

The lovely Reanne (my hairstylist on that day) proceeded to wash my hair for the first time with Mielle Pomegranate and Honey Shampoo. One of my personal favourites from the brand, which I also use at home. This shampoo has a silky feel, making it easier to detangle thick, curly hair. It has a luxurious lather, ensuring thorough cleansing and a delightful washing experience. It also effectively cleanses the hair without stripping away moisture, preserving the much-needed hydration. Lastly and more importantly, it is sulphate-free, making it gentle on the hair and suitable for various hair types, particularly Type 4.

Shampooing my hair

Step 2

Reanne rinsed my hair and then proceeded to mix the Mielle Rosemary Mint Strengthening Conditioner with the Rosemary Mint Scalp & Hair Strengthening Oil from the same range, in a bowl, before applying that mixture on my hair. She then massaged my entire scalp and ensured the concoction was applied from my roots to my ends. By combining the conditioner and the oil, the intent was to provide an extra boost. The inclusion of the scalp oil further invigorated my scalp, thanks to the infusion of rosemary, mint, and biotin. The conditioner also offered additional moisture to my hair, as both products are formulated to provide intense hydration and nourishment. 

Preparing the deep conditioner

The conditioner is added to my hair

Step 3

I was then offered a well-received cup of tea, whilst my hair was sealed under a shower cap and I sat under a hair steamer for around 20 minutes. This process allowed the deep conditioner and oil to penetrate my hair strands effectively, promoting enhanced moisture balance and elasticity.

Enjoying a welcome cup of tea

Step 4

Once the steaming process was over, Reanne rinsed thoroughly my hair, before proceeding to my well-dreaded trim (I really did not expect to have as much as cut off, but my ends were damaged so this trim was necessary). She then applied the Mielle White Peony Leave-In Conditioner, some Thermal & Heat Protectant and some Hair Strengthening Oil on my scalp, before blowing my hair out.

Tried & Tested: The Curl & Cut Service at Purely Natural

Tried & tested review at Purely Natural Salon

The Leave-In Conditioner provides essential moisture and hydration to the hair, preparing it for heat styling, it also detangles and softens the hair, reducing the risk of breakage during the blowout process. Formulated without harmful chemicals, the Mielle Thermal Heat Protectant Spray prevented any potential damage due to the heat applied to obtain a perfect blowout. As for the oil,it nourished my scalp and hair with its blend of beneficial oils, such as sacha inchi, mongongo, almond, and argan.

The products used to protect my hair before it’s blowdried and styled by Reanne

Step 5

Lastly, and more importantly, once Reanne was done with my blowout and styling, Anastasia Chikezie, Purely Natural owner and founder, showed me the back of my head with a mirror, to ensure I liked the results.

Salon owner Anastasia Chikezie, shows me the back view, to ensure I liked the results


The picture on the right is how I styled my hair a few days later to attend an event. My strands remained very soft, light and manageable.

With a commitment to maintaining healthy natural hair through personalised treatments and expert knowledge, Purely Natural provides a comprehensive list of services ranging from treatments, braiding, locs, colours, cuts and styling for men, women and children. The customer service was excellent, the staff and Reanne were very friendly and knowledgeable.

For more information on Purely Natural, or to book an appointment, individuals can reach out through the provided contact details or visit the salon’s website. (Address: 119 The Grove, Stratford. London, E15 1EN)

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