3 pointers to fashion pinup pretty locs

Photo By Jerel of (www.jcolesstudio.com)

Photo by J Coles/@jcolesstudio

Candace Morrow recreates classic coils with modern styling products

Occasionally, this country Western gal likes to glam up my tresses — straight Old Hollywood meets hot-rod hair on the farm front. And the old-fashioned way I achieve such timeless hairstyles requires just a few everyday Southern belle tools granny lives by: hair rollers, hair pins, sturdy hands and a little patience. Yep! That elementary. So loc stars wanting to relive vintage ringlets can definitely execute these three, simple pinup approaches:

Pin curling locs
Tools Needed: Bobby pins like Goody’s and setting lotion or mousse like Shea Moisture’s Coconut & Hibiscus Frizz-Free Curl MousseSteps to Take: Dampen tresses with mousse. Next, gather a couple of loc strands. Rake hands down to the bottom of the grouped strands to even out mousse, then start tucking and rolling hair in a ball back toward the scalp (Click natural hair vlogger Jane B’s video for her detailed demo on sisterlocks.). Secure rolled locs with a bobby pin toward the center of the formed pin curl. Let hair air or blow dry until strands are completely dried. Results: Voluminous curlicues you can swept up into vintage victory rolls.

Roller setting locs
Tools Needed: Flexi rods like Annie Soft Twist Rollers and wrap foam like Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk Nourishing & Conditioning Styling FoamSteps to Take: Evenly wet locs with wrap foam, then roller rod hair from the front of the head to the nape of the neck. Lastly, air or blow dry hair until tresses are fully dried. Results: Tight, textured curls to create poodle, parted hairdos of Dorothy Dandridge’s approval.

Plaiting/braiding locs
Tools Needed: Hair elastics like Sephora’s snag-free ones to tie loc ends, ready-to-work hands and iTunes on play for entertainment. Steps to Take: Two- or three-strand plait locs, securing the ends with elastics. Next, let the style hold for a few days before unraveling tresses. Results: Deep, loose waves ready to style into a cascading side bang, swept or ponytail.

Candace Morrow, a.k.a. Cowgirl Candace

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  1. by Kevin Dantes on 10/04/2017  4:18 PM Reply

    Nice work Candace, I'll be working my my locs soon. I definitely will try those styles! :-)

  2. by Kevin Dantes on 10/04/2017  2:50 PM Reply

    Nice work Candace, I'll be working my my love soon. I definitely will try those styles! :-)

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