4 New Hair Colour Trends to Inspire Your Clients

Siobhan Haug, Colour Director at Haug London Haus has identified the new hair colour trends that are set to dominate client requests for the next few months – and beyond

Siobhan Haug

Siobhan Haug a former British Colour Technician of the Year award-winner and Colour Director at Haug London Haus, reveals the new hair colour trends for the next few months. Taking her cues from some of the most influential celebrities and content creators, Siobhan’s round-up includes a spectrum of shades and effects, from the bold statement of Maxi Blonde to the high-end luxe of Birkin Brunette. Siobhan talked us through the looks and how to achieve them

Birkin Brunette

From L to R: The legendary Jane Birkin, UNice Glueless Straight V Part Wig Balayage

This trend celebrates the multi-tonal brunette, as seen on the legendary Jane Birkin. No hair colour is one solid shade – there are always natural nuances and highs and lows and this look is about recreating that multi-dimensional effect in the salon chair for a premium, professional result that can’t be replicated at home.

We achieve this result using a universal high gloss conditioning colour – Igora Vibrance by Schwarzkopf Pro offers an incredible shade selection and unbelievable shine. Then, we add in baby lights, using shades that create the effect of natural depth and movement in the hair. This trend works perfectly with a fringe (especially one as iconic as Jane Birkin’s!) and is really refreshing change from the blonde face frames we’ve seen for a while. The baby lights sit behind the darker sections, adding dimension and light but with a more subtle result that’s still super flattering to the skin tone.

Maxi Blonde

There’s no getting away from it – Maxi Blonde is a high maintenance look. But I find that many of my blonde clients are more than happy to commit; there’s a certain confidence that comes with admitting that you quite like being high maintenance – and it only confirms how seriously you value beautiful hair colour. Appointments every six weeks will help keep regrowth to a minimum and ensure that the shade retains its beautiful tones.

The best way to achieve a clean, bold blonde is with a universal scalp bleach. To achieve that expensive-looking result, you then need to go in with a multi-dimensional toner to create depth at the roots and a softer blonde through the ends. You need to be able to see that subtle graduation of colour, almost like a trick of the light, rather than an obvious difference in

Statement Lights

Statement Lights: From L to R: Beyoncé, Golden Barbie | Instagram

Offering the perfect way to progress clients’ hair through the seasons, Statement Lights are the next step up from baby lights. While the subtle shimmer of a baby light is ideal in the darker winter months, summer demands something more striking. In the same way that the sunlight naturally lifts those fine blonde strands to become brighter and bolder, Statement Lights are thicker and more obviously placed – think Beyonce’s light-catching bronze money pieces.

Ideal for longer hair, we can achieve Statement Lights using a Scandi hairline technique, which involves taking an undulating section of hair following the curve of the head and painting bleach directly onto the scalp, following with a technique such as balayage through the lengths. The key here is to add a little of your base to your toner to stop the bleached hairline standing out too much. It helps subdue the roots, creating less of a contrast and more of a blend with the rest of the hair. It’s a technique we’re going to be hearing a lot more about, particularly as it can only be achieved by a professional colourist.

Grey Awakening

Grey Awakening: Image courtesy of Tia Mowry | Instagram

This isn’t so much a ‘trend’ but a celebration of the natural evolution of our hair. However, as beautiful as naturally grey hair is, it can look a little flat without the tonal nuances of colour that can be so flattering. I’m seeing a lot of my grey clients coming into the salon requesting some subtle hints of light and depth put back into their hair whilst still maintaining the majority of their natural grey.

For a modern result with loads of dimension and shine, I love to leave out the first centimetre of white hair around the hairline, this keeps what’s unique about a client’s hair whilst adding depth and light. It creates the most beautiful, natural-looking result, and clients leave with that cosmetic shine and condition that you get from a professional hair colour. And since grey hair can stain as a result of environmental factors, I advise clients to maintain their shade with Chroma ID mask, which helps neutralise yellow tones, helping both grey and coloured hair look fresher and shinier.

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