The Rise and Rise of the Larger Than Life Hairdo

Go big or go home with the latest hair trend – Texan Hair. It’s time to put on your boots and take off your hats because big hair is back!

By Haeli Wilson

Megastar and recently turned haircare boss Beyoncé recently made her hair debut at the Super Bowl earlier this year in a gravity-defying hairstyle that would have been the envy of the female cast of the Dallas TV series. Blonde, big and voluminous, Beyoncé’s Texan hair attracted the right kind of attention.

With Western fashion said to be big this year, it was only a matter of time that hair caught up too. Texan hair takes inspiration from the heart of the South, bringing back the fun of ‘90s blowouts but cranking up the volume even more and throwing in a dash of retro charm from the funky ‘70s and ‘80s.

Beyoncé Texan hair debut (@beyonce | IG)

There’s a secret to achieving this look and it involves the obvious: hairspray and rollers. Beyond that, here are some tips to help you get this trendy look. It is recommended to do this style on wigs in particular as it would be hard to achieve unless your hair is cut into layers.

Beyoncé and Miley Cyrus gave us serious hair envy with their voluminous Texan hairdos at the Grammys, and luckily you can achieve it too- with the help of Color Wow. Pairing their bestselling XTRA Large Bombshell Volumizer (£24) with Style on Steroids (£26.50) as recommended by international creative director and celebrity hair stylist Dom Seeley, larger than life never seemed possible, until now.

Kevin Shanti’s Tips on How to Get the Look

Kevin Shanti, hairstylist to the stars and owner of hair and beauty salon @Ebonysuite shares his tips to achieving this larger than life hairstyle:

“If you are thinking this is the style for you, there’s crucial things you need to know before attempting this hairstyle. 

You are going to need a lot of hair. Even if you are going to be using your own hair you might need to think about adding some pieces. If you’re wearing a weave or a wig you might need to add that extra bundle to make the hair fuller.

Another crucial step is layers! Layering the hair is very important whether it’s layering around the face or even longer layers. This allows the hair to look more full with dimension and shape. 

Styling tools depend on your preference. My go-to is a blow-dryer. Using the appropriate size round brush, or large to medium barrel curlers “36-“38” should do the trick. 

Start off with clean freshly washed hair or extensions. Too much product weighs down the hair. Sticking to a good heat protector and nourishing serum for styling at the end is the best way to get that big hair feel. 

When it comes to curling techniques it’s really down to personal preference. Keeping your curls tight is always a good idea because they will drop over time.

The Rise and Rise of the Larger Than Life Hairdo

Take your style cue from Beyoncé as big hair makes a return

Kelly Rowland stuns in this selfie (@kellyrowland | IG)

How to Style Texan Hair in Wigs

Some wigs have the best length and volume that you are looking for to really get that Texan look. Products can be key in this case. It’s also important that you get a wig which matches your hairline so you are able to blend in your real hair with the wig as well. Beauty YouTuber Monae Bee reviews the Outre Perfect Hairline Julianne Synthetic Wig (13”6’) which is a lace front wig. She gives step-by-step instructions and details on how to prepare your hair for the wig as well as styling it.

Beauty stylist Monae Bee (@monae.bee | IG)

With this particular wig there is a deep part of a centered lace which gives you the freedom to be able to part the wig any way that you would like. If there are pieces of your hair that you may see not blending in with the wig the way that you want then there is also the L’Oréal Magic Root Cover Up that will do the trick for you.

Monae Bee in a beautiful blonde flowing wig (@monae.bee | IG)

Products You Can Use

A salon with many locations all over the world including in the UK, DryBar, recommends some of their products that you can use to help you achieve this look.

High Tops Self-Grip Rollers (£10) – These are self grip rollers that will easily roll into your hair creating a mega-lift with volume; remove them gently from your hair with no pull or tug. With customised styling, each set comes with two different sizes. 

Big Swig Thickening Spray (£23) – This lightweight hairspray will plump your hair strands creating a long-lasting, thicker, and fuller look with a soft and touchable finish.

Double Pint Large Round Ceramic Brush (£35) – This brush partners well with the Buttercup Blow-Dryer to achieve the big bouncy flow look. The 70cm vented ceramic barrel allows maximum heat and airflow to secure volume and curl.

Parisian digital creator Laulanne Cecilia (@cecilialaulanne | IG)

Southern Belle Volume-Boosting Root Lifter (£24) – This ultra pumping lightweight spray foam targets your roots for an instant lift. It’s perfect for adding body without weighing down strands. The formula has palmetto extract which energises follicles and promotes fuller hair along with vegetable proteins to help strengthen your strands while adding structure to your hair increasing the volume by 99%.

Buttercup Blow-Dryer (£139) – This dryer features an ultra-powerful 1875 watt motor and Ionic Technology which provides the shiniest, frizz-free blow dries in less than 20% of the time compared to most professional dryers. It is available with two concentrated nozzles and a 2.74m length cord.

Social media influencer Joyjah Estrada in a beautiful blonde side part (@joyjah | IG)

Texas Tease Teasing Brush (£18) – This styling brush is designed for teasing, backcombing, and smoothing hair. It adds instant volume without damaging your strands.

Monae Bee shows us how to get Texan hair with a wig

Monae Bee styles the Outre Perfect Hairline Julianne wig (@monae.bee | IG)

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