5 minutes with K. Michelle

We caught up with the Love & Hip Hop star to talk about her favourite subject HAIR!

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You’re known for switching up your hairstyles, do you have a favourite look?
I actually like it when my hair is short. But I can’t wear it like that because being on stage requires a lot of styling and I want to keep my own hair healthy so I wear weave instead.

How often do you get your hair done? then, and who does your hair?
[Laughs] I do my hair like everyday. I’ve been wearing wigs recently so it makes it even more difficult.

Who are your favourite hairstylists?
Kim Kimble who is like a hair God in the States and Ursula Stephens who has worked with Rihanna and Kerry Washington.

No I couldn’t [go natural] I don’t have the patience and I can’t do my hair. I need to up and go and it’s a lot of upkeep with that.

 You mentioned that you wear wigs but do you have a favourite weave method?
There are so many and I’ve tried a lot of different techniques, but at the end of the day I like to keep it moving so wigs are easy and gives me the freedom to other things with my hair as well.

What’s the secret to a gorgeous weave?
It has to be the hairdressers and maybe the brand of hair too. I say leave it to the professionals to get the best results.

 Would you ever consider going natural?
No, I can’t. I don’t have the patience and I can’t do my hair. I need to up and go and it’s a lot of upkeep with that.

 When was your last hair drama?
The other night in Los Angeles when I had it short, I had a hair drama – I absolutely hated my hair. The top was a flat and the back was curly. I feel a whole lot better when I love my hair.

 What make-up products can’t you live without?
I only wear make-up when I’m on stage. I’ve been trying to get my skin to be perfect with a lot of different stuff but I don’t really wear make-up.

What do you get complimented on the most?
I would say my assets and then it’s my skin.

So you mentioned your assets, how do you keep that and everything else in shape?
That is difficult because I eat a lot of food all the time. And once you do that it’s hard to keep the shape. I can say that the size runs in my family already. I kind of have that part easy.

Waist training is very popular at the moment, have you tried it?
Once I saw what it does to your insides I realised that it is unhealthy so I don’t do it.

You’re currently on tour, how do you unwind after a performance?
I just like to take a hot shower, eat some food and watch a movie.

 Do you have a favourite movie?
Gone Girl

Heels or flats?
I love Uggs. I rock them even with a suit.

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  1. by demetri on 14/06/2016  3:58 PM Reply

    K Michelle loves the weave and wigs more then the real natural hair? How could you hate your real hair? So how do you look with real hair which is short and without make up and a boob job? I think you would look like a man without makeup. Your son looks a bit fat already and obviously he is a kid. What kind of unhealthy diet are you feeding your son? You look like you are afraid of the gym and your body looks frumpy. Hit the weights at the gym – the weights don't bite. The man that does wife you will be sorry. You're fat already and when you get older, you are gonna weigh around 235. Step up your game K Michelle.

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