Awesome Afro Haircare Tips For Healthy Hair And Scalp

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Jennifer Dawson advises on tried & tested haircare practices to promote a healthy head of luscious locks

Forget the chemical relaxers and leave your straightener at home. A recent report stated that sales in chemical relaxers have dropped by 12 percent, according to marketing research firm, Mintel. The misconception of having desirable hair was that it had to be lengthy and pin-straight. This belief stemmed from TV programmes, advertisements, and social media. As a result, we fall into the habits of choosing chemical relaxers that damage our hair, forcing us to purchase more products to treat, care, and maintain our strands as well as cover the damage with hair extensions.

It’s no wonder why as celebrities like Lupita N’yongo, Gabrielle Union and Viola Davis are opting to wear their hair natural. In fact, two-thirds of African British women are choosing to forego heavy relaxers and embrace natural hair. Check out these afro haircare tips to promote a healthy head and luscious locks.

Using the right tools

Before you go too far to make your natural hair full of shine, it’s best to understand the issues and prepare your expectations. Consider investing on all the right tools for your hair type as no strands are created equal. You owe it to yourself to purchase the best quality products you can afford – but that doesn’t mean you have to blow your budget. All naturalists should consider the following:

  • Wide-tooth combs that are specially made for afro hair
  • High-quality moisturising cream and conditioner
  • Knots No More – great for removing twists, braids, etc. without damaging the fibres
  • Deep conditioners – not less than once a month
  • Satin pillows or caps

Aim for locally made products and support the community rather than purchasing brand-name items with the same quality. You don’t have to pay a lot of money for fancy packaging as what matters the most is how the tools work for you.

Style with caution

Generally, afro hair doesn’t need that many styling products, especially if your hair is in ponytails, braids, plaits, or the like. However, stay cautious about tight styles and products that can lead to scalp damage and hair loss. You’ll want to be careful with hair sprays, gels, and mousse. Instead, focus on haircare products that will reduce frizz and tame wild curls.

Sleep on satin

Always, always, always remove tight bands from hair before you sleep. Cotton pillows absorb moisture from the hair, resulting in dry, frizzy ends. The friction can lead to intense breakage and in need of a trim. Instead, use a satin pillowcase or sleep cap to reduce friction and help retain natural moisture in the hair.

Supplements for hair growth

Proper nutrition is essential to great hair, health, and overall well-being. With today’s busy lifestyle, it can be difficult to follow a healthy regime 100% of the time – which is where vitamins and supplements come in. Choose supplements that contain vitamin B complex, Biotin, Niacin, vitamins A, C, and E to strengthen the hair shaft and follicles, prevent cholesterol accumulation in the scalp, and achieve faster hair growth.  

As women of colour, we tend to let our hair get in the way of many aspects of life from whether we avoid physical exercise, to foregoing enjoyable things like a day at the beach. But, if you are ready to make a transition, going natural will be a freeing experience. Live your life without hair getting in the way.

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