Flexin in my Complexion

10 year-old, Kheris Rogers tackles colourism head on with her ‘Flexin in my complexion’ clothing line and online campaign. We talk to the young entrepreneur about her venture and overcoming bullying

Hi Kheris we’ve been following you and your online campaign that uses fashion to take on the issue of colourism. Congratulations on achieving so much. How old were you when you first started getting bullied about your skin colour? I was six years-old when I first began getting bullied about my skin colour.

How did the bullying affect you? Bullying made me feel sad and wish that I was a lighter colour. It also made me feel uncomfortable in my skin as if I was not good enough.

It all changed after your sister tweeted the picture of you. How did the positive comments make you feel? The positive comments made me feel both shocked and thankful for everyone’s kind words about me. I started to feel more confident and really realised how beautiful my skin colour is.

Who inspires you? I am inspired by my mum because she always encourages me to love myself and always reminds me that I am valuable and perfect just the way I am. I am also inspired by my sister because she is so creative and helps a lot with “Flexin’ In My Complexion.” Also Lupita Nyong’o – I remember when she won her Oscar my mum recorded it. We watched it over and over again! Her speech was amazing, and she was Flexin’ In Her Complexion!

When did you and your sister come up with the idea to start a T-shirt line to combat colourism? We decided to start a T-shirt line to combat colourism once many people, young and old, began reaching out to me to tell me their struggles with bullying. This inspired me to want to empower others to help them feel comfortable in their skin.

Who came up with saying ‘Flexin’ In My Complexion’? The phrase was inspired by my Granny – she always says ‘girl you flexin’ in your complexion!

What has been the best thing about starting your own business? The best part of running my own business is that I have been able to inspire people to live out their dreams. Being 10 years old and knowing that I am my own boss is awesome!

Do you hope to expand your line? Yes, I am super excited about the new designs that will be coming out soon.

Do you think that having to be so professional at a young age sometimes makes you feel you have to act more mature? Do you still get to play with your friends? I don’t think I have to act more mature. I have lots of fun dressing up, taking pictures and styling clothes. My mum and sister make sure I spend plenty of time with my friends, I’m involved in a lot of activities.

If you could say one thing to children being bullied because of their skin colour, what would this be? I would tell them not to let anyone’s negative words have power over you. Never give up on yourself, never quit, and to keep dreaming and being who you are.


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