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The best businesses usually start from passion, and after being at a crossroads in her life, Luna Afriye decided to start her own organic beauty range, Esocare, that taps in to self-wellness 


Esocare founder, Luna Afriye

How would you sum up Esocare in two words?

Awaken And Renew

Where did the story begin?

Esocare was created from my own personal development story, I was at a crossroads within my own life and knew that I was not happy. I wanted more from life and it was the series of steps to self-happiness that created Esocare. The slogan Awaken and Renew was chosen to represent my brand because, in my opinion, change starts from within. In order to blossom from the outside, you need to edify your inner world, it was through doing so, that I realised that, I truly had changed. I made a commitment to work on myself from the inside out. This is why Esocare offers skin care products and mind set services.

What sets your organic range a part to other similar natural, organic brands?

The link between wellness and my skin care is what sets my products aside from other brands. The skin is the biggest living organ and we forget this. It’s really important where possible to use natural products on your body, as well all know, the skin is composed of millions of pores, anything that is put onto it is absorbed. With each product sold, an Esocare affirmation card is packaged into the parcel. The affirmation provided on the card is said whilst applying the product, using this technique allows your skin, to respond positively to the words. I have seen skin transform using affirmations and the right kind of products topically and internally. This is what makes what Esocare offers different to those selling similar products.


Esocare Shea Butter, £10

We’re intrigued about Esocare Wellness, tell us more…

Esocare Wellness is all about mind renewal, life is at the power of the tongue, in changing words, and how we perceive ourselves, we have the opportunity to undergo positive changes in our worlds. I offer programmes, and one-to-one sessions, which use various tools to help clients with limiting beliefs, health issues and challenges that they may be facing. I am a NLP practitioner, who offers tailored support. By having someone mentor or coach you through your life issues, it creates an accountability factor, having such support over a period of time allows the mind to reprogramme therefore allowing any limiting beliefs or issues to be replaced with positive reinforcement. I am also a herbalist and create detox programmes, that purge the body of toxins and parasites, by doing so, it not only allows the body to release excess weight, it also helps to clear the mind, heal allergies or ailments and revive energy.

What are your top three tips for improving wellness?

  • Include at least 7 pieces of fruits and vegetables into your diet daily, this will help your energy and moods.
  • Try to include 10 minutes of non-negotiable quiet time, in the morning or evening to reflect on your thoughts.
  • Pay attention to how your body responds to what you are applying topically and what you are eating. Our skin and our bodies talk to us daily, and if we can just clear out some of the noise from our internal dialogue, we normally get the answers that we are looking for.

What can we expect for 2017?

You can expect more knowledge shared from Esocare on Mind Body Soul, talks and workshops and new homes for our products, through suitable retailers.

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  1. by Karlon Walker on 16/11/2016  2:45 PM Reply

    Our skin and our bodies talk to us daily, so true when one return to their true self & natural roots. They will know what their body is saying...

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