I write songs for stars like Beyoncé

Black Beauty & Hair grab in-demand singer/songwriter Carla Williams for a quick interview before she jetted off to LA

Who is Carla Marie Williams?
Songwriter, vocalist and mentor

When did you find out you had a talent for songwriting?
In my late teens, I used to write poems and I met a friend of mine Jonathan Coffer who mentored me and showed me how to develop my lyrics into melodic form. We used to sit at his house for days just writing songs on the guitar

Who have you written songs for?
Beyoncé, Girls Aloud, Kylie Minogue, Alesha Dixon, The Saturdays, but have collaborated with many others like, Rudimental, DJ Mustard, Stylo G, Wretch 32, Preditah, Steven McGregor, Paloma Faith to name a few

Impressive list, did you harbour any ambitions to be in front of the mic yourself?
Yes, I was once a roc soul artist; I wanted to be a hybrid between Mary J Blige and Alanis Morrisette. I sadly lost my voice for a year. My writing then started taking off and I made a decision to focus on being a songwriter

Is song writing a good career for women to get into?
I feel it’s an amazing platform to express yourself your emotions and also help other people tell their stories. Everyday is a new day in writing. I feel girls think about being at the forefront of the stage / camera but not realising there are other roles within music and the entertainment industry that are just as rewarding and exciting to do

You’ve set up New Crowd and GIRLS I RATE to help women in music. Can you explain a bit more about it?
NewCrowd is about discovering new talent; I was lucky enough to be given an opportunity without any hype so I want to do the same through NewCrowd. GIR is about empowering girls and women in the creative industries. Through building our own networks we can create opportunity for each other using our various skills

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Image is so important for female performers these days – should women have to ‘get it all out’ to gain recognition?
I’m style over fashion all day! I believe there are ways of being “sexy” without “getting it all out” Gwen Stefani, Cassie, Ciara are my biggest style icons and they keep it sexy cool

What was it like working with Beyoncé?
Amazing she’s a true inspiration and I’m so grateful for the opportunity she has given me to write for her. Hearing her voice on my record for the first time bought a tear to my eyes, then meeting her was so surreal yet so real! She’s a real woman

What’s been the pinnacle of your career so far?
Getting my first publishing deal as it changed my life and writing for Beyoncé

Do you have to do the red carpet? Do you enjoy dressing up?
No red carpets moment as yet. Songwriters spend most of the time in the studio behind the scenes. Recently I have started stepping out and working on getting out of my black hoody t –shirt and jeans lol

Where do you get your hair done?
Look changes at Claudia’s and day-to-day styling, I go to a local place called The Salon

How would you describe your personal style?
Lol sexy cool… always rocking a heel but I then keep it cool with jeans and a tee

Heels or flats
Heels all day

Designer or high street?
High street, it’s how you wear it not what you wear! I’m all about individuality

What’s your skin regime?
Microdermabrasion every four to six weeks and daily use of exfoliating

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 Beauty item you can’t live without?

Where can we find you?
Dancing in the studio, it’s my turn up

Photography by Elizabeth Galbraith

Website: www.GirlsIRate.com

Twitter: @CarlaMarieUK





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