Footner Collective Massager – BBH beauty approved

Why do feet have such a big impact on the body’s temperature?

Feet, like hands, have a large surface area as well as specialised blood vessels which can be opened up to pass high volumes of blood through them and therefore offload heat quickly when required (plus the lack of hair on the bottom of your feet – we hope!).

This, coupled with the fact that the feet (and hands) are at the end of our limbs and don’t have much muscle (which produces heat) means that they cool down much more than other regions of the body.  So, by using specialised nerves driven by the thermostat in our brain, the temperature of our feet allows our body temperature to be controlled very accurately.

Footner Coolactive Massage £24.99

In an ideal scenario, a quick dip into the sea or a swimming pool would be the most pleasing and effective method, however, if you’re reading this, it’s likely you’re near neither of these things… enter new Footner CoolActive Massager. Footner CoolActive Massager is an innovative metal rollerball foot massager which dispenses a cold soothing foam, providing immediate relief for burning, tired, heavy feet.  Footner Coolactive Massager foam instantly cools hot feet, and contains active ingredients to soothe and moisturise, cypress seed extract to help reduce swelling, and fragrance and deodorant to refresh.  To use, simply push the metal rollerball down for 2 seconds to release the cooling foam and then apply to the whole foot, massaging the foam into the foot in small circles.  

Available exclusively from Boots stores and

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