Girlie talk with influencer Vinty Nellie

We met Vinty Nellie at her masterclass. Not only is she the sweetest influencer we’ve met, she’s all about ‘Empowering women through beauty’

Describe yourself in three words
Loving – because I’m such a LOVING person. I love, love and that’s about it. fun, happy.
Fun – because I’m always up for a good laugh and adventures. Honestly, I don’t think my character will ever age with time , I still get the desire to go on adventurous day trips at the zoo.. something mates my age would eyeroll at .
Happy – I’m the happiest person in the world but when I’m sad, oh boy, I’m crying buckets of tears

To say that we’re proud and excited for your first masterclass is an understatement! What inspired you to do a materclass?
A company reached out to me with the idea and I had a eureka moment! I’ve always wanted to help women feel beautiful. I understand that not everyone is a “YouTube learner”, so I knew that a live masterclass would be perfect.

Black Youtubers like yourself have been putting black women on the beauty map with your unapologetic attitude and refusal to portray yourself in a particular way in order to be accepted by society. How important is it for you to represent?
It is everything for me. A lot of what I do, I do for my children. It’s my duty (alongside my black sisters) to prepare a foundation for our children to build on. Unfortunately, in today’s society being a black woman comes at cost, this is why we need to be unapologetically black today, so that in the future (our children) can live the life that we dream to with society, giving them the full respect and equal rights to do so.

‘Glow up’ YouTube tutorials

“EVERYONE IS ON YOUTUBE. Where would I fit in?” With fashion, hair and beauty guru’s popping up everywhere on YouTube, what advice would you give to a fellow sister who wants to join the crew?
You won’t become anything in life if you don’t take risks. My advice for this question is to remember that you have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

Tell us about your lash brand, how did that come about?
I love lashes, they can take any look from basic to BAD! I can’t have a full face of make-up on without any lashes, I feel so naked and feel like the world could see, lol. Funnily enough, that’s what brought my lash line to life, again with the aim to make every woman feel beautiful I decided to sell lashes that would compliment all women and their preferences. Whether you’re a diva or the low key slayer, there’s a lash for you

We shamelessly stalk your insta and snapchat! PR packages and goodies you get on a daily are every girls’ dream! How did you find yourself on the receiving end of these brands?
Consistency is KEY. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE UP! Brands see you and KNOW who you are. They may not like every picture but if your tagging them, they see you! Before you know it they will be contacting you to try out their products.

Goodies galore

You’re a Real Techniques ambassador! Harrie spoke sooooo highly of you and we can certainly understand why. How did this come about?
OMG Harrie! That’s my favourite girl, she’s a dream. I actually entered a competition and got selected! I fainted and woke up again when they reached out to me

You have 5 minutes to leave your house as Hurricane Oily T Zone is on the rampage and her next stop is your house. What three beauty products would you pick to take?
Real techniques face powder brush, blotting papers, translucent powder or my face powder, which ever I can find first before I get caught in the hurricane!

Do you have any make-up/ hair horror stories ? If yes! Spill the tea…
So these smile lines WON’T LET ME LIVE! Remember I’m a happy person, so this means I’m always smiling right? Sigh, usually by the end of the day I have these slightly curved lines oozing out of my skin beside my lips
Frontals won’t let me live either. I went to a party with my boyfriend sometime this year and could have sworn I was slaying, I had so much confidence in my GOT2BE hair gel… the venue got hot and my wig decided to leave the building to cool down. I was dancing and turned to my boyfriend thinking I was looking like a delectable three course meal. I caught him staring at edges that were dripping in build up hair products, meanwhile my wig was already half way in the centre of my head preparing to make a big exit. At that moment, if I could disappear into thin air leaving my clothes, shoes and frontal behind, I would.

‘So these smile lines WON’T LET ME LIVE!’ Vinty Nellie

Your wig game is ALWAYS ON 10! A lot of people like to name their wig! Do you?
What a coincidence we’re talking about wigs again. I stopped naming them because at some point they’ve all pulled some embarrassing stunts.

Wigs are fun and super convenient but we can’t forget our natural tresses under those caps! We’ve seen your natural hair, it’s safe to say you are a real naturalista. What are your tips for keeping your hair nice and healthy?
I joined the natural squad about seven months ago. To be fair I’m still learning about my hair because I’m still transitioning! So far all I do after washing and conditioning is canerow it and leave it to do it’s own thing under my wigs

What is one negative thing you’ve experienced during your journey that has spurred you and motivated you to do better?
I’ve experienced serious disappointment. You will be disappointed by people. Family, friends, business affiliates.. be prepared for disappointments but don’t let them hold you back. Instead take a moment to see where YOU went wrong and avoid repeating those same mistakes. Oh yeah, and let go. You’re only holding yourself back

You already know we really love you Vinty and stay up to date with your content. Today was an absolute success. What secret to success of yours would you like to share with the world?
Thank you ladies, I love you BBH dolls too. My secret to you is to stay true to who you are. I believe that deep in our hearts we know who we are, never neglect that person. Nurture yourself to always want more! Growth is never ending, as long as you live, always be willing to grow!

Interview by Olivia James and Uche Azubike 


  1. by danish on 12/02/2018  6:56 PM Reply

    Thanks for this beautiful discussion about beauty.

  2. by Charity on 16/11/2017  2:53 PM Reply

    That was an excellent interview! She seems very down-to-earth and it comes across in the interview. I wish her much success and cannot wait until her masterclass comes across the pond to New York!

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