Hair Loss Was the Last Thing I Expected!

14 year-old Phoebe and her mother share her story of battling alopecia and finding the salon Crowning Glory by Simone Thomas that changed her life forever

Phoebe: ‘I couldn’t stop smiling, my new hairpiece is amazing’

Phoebe started to lose her hair at the age of three, after a month long hospitalisation for Osteomyelitis – an infection of the bone – which started in her femur. ‘You have so much to think about, and worry about, when your child is unwell but hair loss was the last thing I expected,’ explains Phoebe’s mother, Rachel. ‘During her time in the hospital and the three months of outpatient visits, the alopecia got worse, but the health visitor put it down to the stress of the illness on Phoebe’s body. Over time her hair grew back’.

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Bullying at school

It’s always tough on children being different, especially when that difference is something that is easily noticeable. Rachel was desperate to help Phoebe blend in. She experienced bullying at school, and due to the stress, it triggered her hair to fall out at an alarming rate. They had previously received two wigs from the NHS which were totally unsuitable for a young girl. It was while googling Treatment for Alopecia that Rachel came across the Crowning Glory by Simone salon in Westbourne, Bournemouth. Rachel read the case studies on the website of other people that the company had helped with alopecia and immediately booked an appointment for Phoebe.

Phoebe’s makeover

Simone Thomas, owner of Crowning Glory says ‘Phoebe is a beautiful young lady, and she has been through so much in her short life. For the dark unit I used 20” finished hair length of medium density in colour #1B which is a dark brown/black. We went for a tight European curl for the hair. The cap has a silk and French lace construction to make it comfortable for the wearer and to give the scalp a realistic appearance. It also has polyurethane tabs inside which keeps the wig in place for anyone who has full alopecia. Phoebe’s unit also has some clips sewn into them as she is active at school, so she doesn’t have to worry about it falling off in PE. It can be curled and strengthened but we do not recommend straightening curly units as this will make the unit very dry, so we recommend that people get a straight or slightly wavy unit.

Phoebe’s different looks

Custom Blend Colour Unit, £1,500
Curly dark unit £1,700
Phoebe is thrilled with the look and feel of her hair units

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