How to get ‘ballsy’ with loc buns

Photo by J Coles/@jcolesstudio

Candace Morrow’s tips to canopy updos with over-the-top ornaments

A little cowgirl confession: I rarely attempt updo hairstyles because I’m a bit — well — tender-headed. Sad, but true. What a waste of loc styles, I know. When I do woman up for such coif creations, though, you best believe I show up and out with buns that mean beauty business. Why not, right?

Well, an instant way to command head-turning dreadlock looks: ostentatious ornaments. But, but! These adornments always make bolder statements with jazzy updos similar to my pictured donut bun. Here’s how you can accomplish offbeat buns that leave a lasting impression in public by incorporating extravagant hair embellishments:

Cotton candy buns: Rake wavy or curly hair (treating it as if it’s frizzy hair) up into a high bun. Delicately mold and wrap locs into a neat ball, then carefully clip the ball down with stray strands or hair pins. Polish off the look by ornamenting the front, side or back of the bun with rhinestone and vintage-inspired combs like Bel Aire Bridal’s timeless selections.



High pigtail buns: Part hair straight down the middle into two sections. Pull each section into high ponytails, then wrap each ponytail into neat or messy balls using locs to tighten them. Finish off the look with groovy sunglasses like We KoKo’s necklace-inspired My Willows.



Top knot buns: Gather the top half of your locs (or all of them) into a high ponytail. Then divide the ponytail into two halves. Take one half and load locs with motherland jewels like these from Kpellé’s handmade jewelry on stands for extra drama. Next, hold the other half straight up (treat it like a pole) and start wrapping the bejeweled half around it. You can wrap locs as tight or loose as desired. Once you’ve made it to the top, secure the bun with a few stray strands or jumbo bobby pins.



Mohawk buns: Start at the front of the head and gather a few locs for the first bun. Then make your way toward the back of the head — grabbing sections of hair to ball up one right after the other. When you’re done, use bold gemstone hair ties like Tiffany’s Loc Jewels to fasten around one, a couple or all the bun balls to give locs character and charm.



Candace Morrow, a.k.a. Cowgirl Candace



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