How to prevent heat damage

A guide to damage free straight hair

Heat can come with a price, and unfortunately the price we pay is the condition of our hair. Heat can help us achieve a wider range of hairstyles but it can also be really unkind to our locks.
Heat damage is every woman’s nightmare given the fact that it is irreversible meaning only scissors can solve it. Read our guide on how to prevent heat damage whilst achieving the looks you want when you want.
Before you start any sort of heat styling, make sure you have clean moisturised hair. Product build up, grease and dirt can burn under direct heat which will affect the hairstyle. Starting with clean hair also means your hairstyle will last longer, that way you won’t have to do many heat touch ups. Use a moisturising cleanser and moisture rich deep conditioning treatment as prep. We recommend Keracare Natural Textures Cleansing Cream and Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque

If you skip using a heat protectant on your hair then you’re putting your locks at risk of damage, breakage and burn. Use sparingly to avoid build up but ensure that you protect every strand where possible. Use a heat protectant that will provide heat protection even at the highest temperatures. See the top 3 that we recommend

Do not use direct heat on wet hair. Blow drying your hair straight first not only reduces the time it takes but will also mean you will need to use less direct heat on the hair. We forget that our hair doesn’t need excessive heat to be manipulated into the style that we want. When using heat products start on as low a heat as possible and slowly increase according to your liking, checking how your hair reacts. You’d be surprised at the level of heat tolerance your hair has.
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