Tried & Tested: K West Spa Holistic Fitness Club, London

It’s hard to believe that this luxurious spa and hotel sits quietly amongst the rush of one of London’s busiest shopping areas

K West Hotel & Spa

Having never visited K West Hotel & Spa before, I was keen to find out whether it had been a justified recommendation. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching I was relying on K West to provide something more than pretty decor and robotic customer service; intimacy is key this time of year.
My first impression was most certainly the pretty decor, modern furnishings and open space and it really does feel like you’re stepping off planet earth for a moment. The staff, from your first entering, are very warm and show a genuine happiness to see you. The staff speak with you and not at you and have a ‘nothing is too much for us’ attitude. I was sold at first impressions but definitely wanted to see more of this spa I had heard so much about!
Entering the spa I was pleasantly overwhelmed by scents. It is extremely quiet aside from the cliche tranquil music but this only further added to my positive first impressions.

The cushioned pods are perfect for sitting back and relaxing whilst deliberating whether to enter the ice room or the sauna.

Couples massage is most definitely a thing and a joint de-stress session ticks all the boxes for a couples retreat.

It smells extremely holistic and soothing and you feel at total ease. Soft furnishings and soft decor make you feel wrapped up in luxury and you forget that you’re in the middle of Shepherd’s Bush!

Do not leave before trying….

The Sunmeadow Light therapy – think Spain in a box! You walk in, lay down on the cushioned floor, close your eyes and let the UV light and soft background sounds take you far away from the grim British weather. I was searching for a reason to dislike this purely because I am not a fan of ‘fake sun’ but you can’t fault it – it really does what it promises to do and I left feeling internally brighter.


I rate K West Spa a 9/10 for reason that I did not spend the night so I could not comment on that experience. The spa is a solid box ticker! An affordable luxury. The atmosphere and staff are super welcoming. If you’re looking for a spa experience where you can just be you then K West Spa is it. The staff and surroundings completely eliminate anything that could potentially spoil your visit.

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