Learn The Latest Weave Techniques With The Hair Diagram

Tamika Gibson, better known as the Hair Diagram recently came to London to give a masterclass on lace front wigs

Tamika Gibson – The Hair Diagram

Can you tell our UK audience a little about yourself?

Yes! I’m a hairstylist of 22 years now. I am not new to the game! I was an educator for L’Oréal Mizani for eight years, and now I am an educator within my own company, The Hair Diagram.

We often see you with a tape measure in your hand, is that why you are called the Hair Diagram?

We developed this name because we actually diagram hair techniques from A-Z that any hairstylist can follow. We are the blueprint for a successful hair business and guideline for all hairstylists.

Do you have your own salon/ products?

Yes, we have a 13 Salon Suites Salon {The Hair Diagram} and we sell our own product for lace wigs called Bold Hold Lace Wig Products.

Do you have celebrity clientele?

Yes, I have had the pleasure to work with Keke Wyatt, Faith Evans, Lil Mama, Tammy Roman (The Felica Blakley Story), Savannah James, Angie Stone, Quad (married to Medicine)

What’s the secret to a good lace-front?

The secret is making sure the lace is thin and matches the skin before you apply!

What will you be teaching in your UK class?

In our Day 1 Class, We will be teaching Wig Making on the sewing machine and in the Day 2 Class we will be teaching Frontal Customization.

Is this your first time in London?

Yes, we came to London to do a Watch & Learn to formally introduce myself. We will be back this fall for our hands-on classes in London.

Ta Da! The Hair Diagram is here to teach Londoners her hair techniques

What are the big lace-front trends for 2018?

Right now we are at a recycle point of trends…. meaning lace wigs have come, gone, and are now back again. I feel like the trend with lace will be to continue making them look more and more natural. I also see a rise in braided wigs.

Whose head would you like to get your hands on?

Michelle Obama’s.

Can I still wear a lace-front if I have natural 4C hair?

You sure can. Anyone can wear a wig, all nationalities! Wigs are an accessory like jewellery and you can change it out any time, without damaging your real hair.

Where can we find you?

Instagram | @tamikagibson @thehairdiagram
Website: www.thehairdiagram.com

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