Let’s get oily

You’ve probably heard of the numerous benefits that come from using coconut oil on your hair, but have you heard of some of other oils out there with equal benefits? With the winter weather showing no sign of improving, it is important to make sure your hair has all the moisture it needs to flourish – and what better way to boost it than with an oil.

Avocado Oil
Renowned for its ability to moisturise brittle and damaged hair, Avocado oil is very light and easily absorbed into the hair and scalp. Massaging this into your scalp is beneficial for hair growth and your hair will thrive from the high vitamin E levels. It doesn’t leave a greasy residue on your hair and you can use it as a light leave in conditioner.
Jojoba Oil
With jojoba oil, a little goes a very long way. It is the only oil that has a similar molecular structure to sebum (the oil that our sclap naturally produces). Again massaging it into the scalp stimulates hair growth and is a key oil in helping to repair heat damaged hair. Jojoba oil can be added to shampoo to replace any moisture that could potentially be stripped away.
Sweet Almond Oil
Due to it being light, Sweet Almond Oil is great for people with fine hair who fear using oils on their hair. It is full of vitamins A, B and E and also omega fatty acids which are essential for helping to prevent breakage. If your dry hair needs a shine check then this is definitely an oil to consider. Aside from smelling delicious it is a brilliant UV protector.
Jamaican Black Castor Oil
This oil is renowned for helping women take back their edges. It is one of the thickest oils out there so it is advised to use it sparingly however its benefits cannot be ignored. The ricinoleic acid that is found in Jamaican Black Castor Oil is helpful for healthy hair growth given its antibacterial and anti fungal properties. If you are keen on boosting your hair growth then this oil could be the one for you.
Will oil be your next hair purchase?

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  1. by Irina on 18/03/2021  2:03 PM Reply

    Thanks! I have been using Moroccanoil Treatment Oil and Argan oil, but my favourite is Biosilk silk with coconut oil. :)

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  3. by NaturallyBornMe on 22/01/2017  11:23 AM Reply

    Thanks for sharing. I have been using jojoba, Argan, olive, and wanted to add avocado. However I needed more information. Thanks again.

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