Mahogany Plautz on wearing it well into your 40s, 50s and 60s

Stylist Mahogany Plautz give stylists tips on how to cater for their clients through the ages

Mahogany Plautz is a stylist at Sola Salon Studios in Minneapolis, Minnesota, as well as a national educator for Paul Mitchell. Mahogany works with a diverse client list in terms of age, and she has some great tips for giving clients an incredible experience based on their age, needs and expectations.
‘When you talk about clients in their 20s and 30s, you’re talking about technology. Most of my clients come in with pictures on their phone of exactly what they are looking for in terms of cut, color and style. You hear a lot about hair idols and hair goals, and it usually starts with a picture or a Pinterest board. The biggest challenge and opportunity is really making sure that your clients are getting the coaching they need, so they can execute the look on a consistent basis after they leave your chair.’

‘I’ve been cutting hair for 16 years, so I have a lot of people who have transitioned from their 30s to 40s with me. Oftentimes, for my longstanding clients, the changes are more subtle, based on their life situation, like job and family. For new clients who come in on a referral – and there are many of those, too! – they talk about people they know I cut, so the look is on real life examples instead of celebrities or hair idols.’

‘My clients who are in their 50s come in and say one thing: ‘All I want you to do is cover my grey.’ They are also looking for more longevity. Usually, they’re in the last chapter of their work life, so they’re going for more natural looks, but also need some coaching on styling. These are good opportunities to make sure they have the right tools and products so that they can maintain the look they’re going for.’

Sola Salon Studios

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