5 Haircare Tips You Can Use Right Now To Improve Dry Hair

Dry, dull locs? Here are 5 proven measures that remedy roots during the cold season to ward off the damaging effects of winter weather

Post by Candace Dantes | Images by Trarell Torrence @torrencestudios

Old Man Winter is reserved for cold days, cute coats and a lot of hot chocolate. Definitely not for messin’ with the tresses. But boy does it try. The good news, though: just one more month to go. The bad news: just one more month to go. Even as the tail end of winter nears, these five solutions to surviving the Great Outdoors work and are easy to incorporate into your daily loc routine:

 1. Use moisturizing oils

The chilly elements automatically create dry roots and brittle strands. Room temperature oils like coconut, olive, avocado, jojoba and shea butter help condition loc roots and lock in moisture. Now, don’t go oil crazy. A little goes a long way, but if you insist on more saturation without clogging loc strands, just pour your favorite oil into a bottle. Then place the bottle into a bowl of hot water for a few minutes. Once heated, apply to scalp for deep conditioning.

2. Style locs more often

Now and then (and not too tight), safeguard your crown from the elements by way of creative styles — two-strand twisted updos, single-braided pigtails or flat twisted low buns — that last for a few days up to a week. This habit helps cut down on constantly manipulating locs. These sculpted, tucked looks also help limit locs’ exposure to sometimes extreme winter temperatures, which can easily dry hair out.

3. Stay H2O hydrated

Keeping your body quenched with water does your roots a lot of good. Drinking water throughout each day helps prevent breakage, dullness and excessive dandruff during the winter season. You will start to notice naturally healthier, shiner locs. Water is an organic moisturizer that constantly combats the same things cold weather contributes to: a fragile mane.

4. Cover up coils

You want to shield your locs from cold conditions, but you can’t cover your crown with just anything. Make sure hoodies, caps, fedoras or berets are lined with satin. Brands like Grace Eleyae and Constant Covering offer many hat and scarf options for natural hair to ensure the scalp stays moisturized, strands won’t break and thinning doesn’t occur while traveling in and out of winter weather.

5. Plug in a humidifier

As the cold tries to take away moisture from your locs, add it back with a humidifier. Similar to a steamer, humidifiers can help nourish locs. Since wintertime is much drier, humidifiers serve as beneficial air — and hair — purifiers that prevent scalp irritation and fortify tresses by removing debris and allergens.

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