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Nanolash Eyelash Serum can help your lashes grow

Lately, there has been an influx of eyelash serums in stores that promise to strengthen and grow those tiny hairs. But how do these serums really work, and are they safe to use so close to your precious eyes?

An essential product is MDN (Methyl Dihydronoralfraprostal), a synthetic active ingredient that stimulates the eyelash roots and thus stimulates eyelash growth. All ingredients are dosed so that an optimal result with maximum compatibility can be achieved.

Natural eyelashes do not live forever. Each of them has its own life circle that lasts around 100-150 days. During this period, the eyelash gets longer, becomes stronger, and eventually dies. Then, it falls out, or to be more precise, is pushed out from its follicle by a new eyelash.

The only eyelash serums that can actually achieve visible results have either a peptide-based drug combination or a prostaglandin derivative as the main ingredient. Both ingredients target the hair follicles, with the aim to support them in their active phase or to stimulate sleeping hair follicles. The result is a maximum natural length and density of eyelashes.

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How Nanolash works?
The active substances contained in Nanolash Eyelash Serum (£39) directly affects the eyelash bulbs (the very core of eyelashes), making strengthening, thickening, and extension of lashes possible. According to the manufacturer, sticking to the instructions, will guarantee long eyelashes.
Nanolash is applied with a small, thin short brush. This method is considered one of the most effective techniques of eyelash serum application. Coating eyelashes with a cosmetic does not deliver such long-lasting effects as applying a serum directly to a lash line. Nanolash affects eyelash bulbs that immediately become nourished and better rooted.

After the first two – three weeks, you will notice that your eyelashes are visibly stronger. Nevertheless, it does not mean that they won’t fall out. They will eventually as Nanolash accelerates eyelash growth and prolongs the anagen phase (a stage when an eyelash grows intensively).

Because of the way it works, Nanolash, grows eyelashes long and strong at the same time. Throughout the Nanolash treatment, which lasts six months, you have to be prepared to lose some lashes since, sooner or later, they will go into the telogen phase (dying stage). At this point Nanolash gets deep into the hair follicles and makes the new eyelashes coming up grow stronger and better nourished. For that reason, it is crucial to follow the guidelines that are included in the leaflet. What is more, when the first 3-month stage of the treatment is over, the eyelash serum is supposed to be applied less frequently – just to support the obtained outcome.
Nanolash review
I tested Nanolash for two months which is long enough to notice results. The eyelash serum is runny and colourless. The application doesn’t cause any problems and the brush is comfortable to use. All you have to do is apply just a thin layer of the liquid to your eyelash root line. There is the temptation to put two or three layers on, but there is no need, as will not speed up eyelash growth. Nanolash gets absorbed quickly and is invisible when applied, so you can use your regular mascara on top once it dries. I used this at night.

A single brush stroke a day is enough for Nanolash to produce noticeable eyelash growth. You just have to apply it regularly and be patient for the results. I had to wait a few weeks to notice the initial effects, but after this time my eyelashes thrived and definitely appeared thicker and longer. I’m using it twice a week just to top up the gains I’ve made.



  1. by Jazz Melhem on 21/06/2022  12:21 PM Reply

    I really like derma lmd eyelash serum! After years of the usage of fake eyelashes, the glue had taken away a number of my natural lashes leaving them sparse and stubby. Having used this eyelash growth serum my lashes are much longer and appear fuller. I am getting such a lot of compliments on my now-natural lashes.

  2. by Ray Watson on 16/06/2022  12:58 PM Reply

    I have very sensitive eyes & have used many eyelash serum which works wonder but is over priced and irritated my eyes , derma lmd eyelash serum is super affordable and does not irritate my eyes at all. after a couple weeks of twice daily use I have noticed my lashes are thicker, longer and are not falling out!

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