Playful ponytails that make travel statements

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Candace briefs about beautiful updos for worldwide wanderers

Horseback riding on guided equestrian excursions, backpacking along tropical trails or sunbathing across balmy beaches this summer? Well, hot-weather globetrotters should always count updos into travel plans because this hairstyle can tolerate the elements and outdoor adventures with runway-ready results. The following ponytail styles don’t require much time, easily underscore bone features and naturally elongate the neck:

Fluffy, wavy side ponytails: Sometimes our tresses go against our travel hair goals. You want straight strands, and they instantly end up sweaty and puffy. And, that’s OK. Sling that messy mop to one side, then twist it up into a sculpted ponytail that stays put. Brooch the most harlequin flowers from your expedition into your jumbled ’do for destination detail.

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Half-up, half-down twisty ponytails: When you prefer hair completely out the face while on the road but still desire length, this hairstyle provides a leisurely fix. Simply grab strands from the front of your head and divide them into two sections. Start two-strand twisting hair until you reach the crown of your head. Then, clip it to secure it. Let the bottom half of your hair hang freely. Since the chances of encountering humid days are high, go ahead and tease those tresses out in the back for added drama to the traveling forecast.

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Carefree, crinkled ponytails: A fussy mane can turn out quite fierce while journeying along highways and on airways. During times of nonstop traveling, cornrow hair the night before, and let it naturally unravel the days ahead. Loosely fasten hair toward the back, especially on arid adventures, to create an effortless ponytail that epitomizes vixen voyaging.

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Candace Morrow, a.k.a. Cowgirl Candace

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