Women in business: Meet Jamelia of Treasure Tress

Lawrencia Amfo-Asiedu meets Jamelia Donaldson, founder of Treasure Tress

Meet Jamelia Donaldson, the London born entrepreneur who founded Treasure Tress. As Jamelia quotes on her Instagram page “currently creating the things I wish existed”. How can you not be in awe of her! The go-getter who previously worked for Coleman Entertainment Group in New York decided to launch her own start up. ‘Treasure Tress’ is a monthly product discovery for women and girls with naturally kinky and curly hair.

As a black woman with natural hair and recently discovering my kinky, curly mane after years of relaxed hair, at times it can be difficult to find the right products for our hair however the savvy business woman has catered for our needs.

Could you tell me a bit about your brand and where did the name of your brand came from?
Treasure Tress is Europe’s and The Middle East’s monthly product discovery box for women and girls with naturally kinky curly hair. Each month we help them discover and deliver the very best products to care for their natural hair. We’re redefining black beauty by helping girls fall in love their kinks and curls by making natural hair ‘normal’ and attainable.

The name Treasure Tress was the result of a long brainstorming session. It’s also a play on the words treasure chest.

The product discovery element was really big for me. It is important for me that every month Treasure Tress subscribers (our tribe) feel as though Christmas has arrived. Once women and girls open their box I want them to feel as though they have discovered some real gems or treasures.

Women who receive their boxes and open them to find new gems, begin to uncover the true value of their hair and discover how beautiful it really is. Treasure chests look attractive on the outside but it is what lies within that adds its true value; and I understand the same to be true for women.

What we look like on the outside is important however the inner work and our inner being are most important. This is heavily influenced by how we treat ourselves and others.

By receiving a monthly box our subscribers have no choice but to pamper themselves, get themselves feeling good on what we hope is a weekly basis and enter the world, beautifully confident ready to share their own gifts with the world.

What is your career background?
My professional career started in Finance at an Asset Management firm, after summers of interning in various industries throughout my degree, in various countries. I spent some time in Beijing, China doing marketing, some time in New York doing entertainment PR/Marketing before spending some time at an asset management firm where I completed their graduate scheme.

I launched Treasure Tress whilst in my full-time role (I would wake up at 5am and not go back to sleep until 1am to ensure that I invested enough time in the concept and was able to get the work required
complete.) I left my role 5 months after launching Treasure Tress to take it full time and now have an incredible team of women working with me on the business daily.


The Treasure Tress box

How did the idea for your business come about?
I was bored of the typical hair shop experience I found it uninspiring, and substandard compared to mainstream beauty shopping experiences. There is a huge difference between SpaceNK and shops which cater to women with kinky curly hair and dark skin – and it shouldn’t be this way.

I wanted finding new products to be fun again, and I also wanted to share information I had learned over the years with women who looked like me. We should be able to receive advice, accurate hair care tips, and purchase products in one place – so I created what I wanted. A brand which represents the diversity and natural beauty of women who look like me, but also provides access to the latest and greatest products and brands across the world.

A major inspiration for me along the way has been my first niece. I actually built my vision for the brand around her and what I felt she would need to develop a positive self-image and appreciation for her natural hair and beauty.

I was initially going to only launch a Mini ME Box, but upon research it came to light that many women wanted access to a range of products and quality information all in one place.

Have you always wanted to be an entrepreneur?
Yes. I love creating new things and have always had a huge obsession with hair and beauty.

I knew I wanted my own business one day but never dreamed I’d be able to build it doing everything I love – discovering products, gifting them to women like me and helping women and girls feel more confident and beautiful in their natural state.

What piece of advice would you give to aspiring beauty entrepreneurs?
Create the things you wish existed. If you can’t find it or it isn’t available to you in your size, shade or shape – create it for women/girls like you! Use your perspective and your voice – it is your strength.

How would you define success?
Living purposefully and enabling others to do the same. Travelling freely, being in full control of your time, actions,thoughts and emotions. Simply living intentionally with all of your needs and heart felt desires met.

Jamelia, you are a beautiful and fearless woman, are there other women that have inspired you during your journey?
Absolutely. Sharmadean Reid has and continues to be a huge source of inspiration, mentor and advisor of mine. She really helped me extend my vision for Treasure Tress and just what it could achieve, while being a great example of a fearless, well-respected, creative Black British businesswoman.

Why do you think so many Black and Mixed-race women are transitioning to natural hair and what advice would you give to other naturalistas?
There is a widespread awakening taking place. We’re tapping back into, embracing and celebrating just how beautiful we naturally are, without waiting for the approval of others.

My advice would be to undertake your natural hair journey your way and learn to love your hair in every stage.There is a lot of pressure to conform to certain routines, styles and approaches to taking care of your hair; but the beauty of natural hair is that it truly is personal and you should have fun with it being an extension of the true you.
Every texture is different, every individual is different – embrace this and celebrate it through your hair.

What is the hardest thing about running a business?
Building thick skin, resilience and embracing the fact that it is entirely your responsibility to get up every day and make this idea work!

Where do you see your brand in the next 5-10 years?
Treasure Tress will be the go-to lifestyle brand and membership club for all things natural hair, beauty and purposeful living.

Treasure Tress Box 1

Treasure Tress’s recent collaboration with Revlon Professional

You can find the amazing hair care solution on : http://www.treasuretress.co.uk

Article by Lawrencia Amfo-Asiedu https://crownoflaurelsdot.wordpress.com


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    Very insightful and inspirational! Well done Jamelia x

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