4 Things to Research Before Loccing Your Hair

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Candace Morrow’s advice on what prospective dreadlock candidates should prepare for before loccing their hair

Contemplating locking your hair? Of course, I would become one of the first loc stars to cosign and outline my laundry list of lifetime perks to such a power move.

But after all the hype of convincing you to transition, I also offer this caveat: It’s a lifestyle adjustment and a decision that requires some research before fully committing. So in advance, take these locking pointers into account to ensure this often permanent hairstyle is really what you want:

Choosing the right loctician

Researching locticians with extensive, specialized experience in helping you achieve your desired loc look is a major starter step. Probe locticians in your area who have spent years in the natural hair industry and have a strong portfolio to support their talent level. It’s also important that you find ones with chemistry connecting with your personality and style, which makes the locking experience that more meaningful.

Scheduling an in-person consultation

Once you’ve nailed down the best locticians for the job, visit with each for a detailed discussion about your hair hopes. A professional loctician also will use this time to discuss sectioning (the parting pattern your locks with follow for easy styling) and sizing (the thickness of your hair to determine if smaller or larger dreadlocks work). You will even gain a better understanding of how long the locking process takes.

Dedicating time to routine maintenance

After the locking process is completed, that doesn’t mean you’re free from hair care duties. You still have to ensure your hair remains healthy. Surf the Web to learn what loc wearers and locticians recommend daily, weekly and monthly in hair products and upkeep to obtain a clearer sense of maintenance expectations. Also during your loc consultation, ask questions to reinforce or negate what your independent research found.

Understanding hairstyling limitations

While locs can achieve curly, straight and wavy effects, they’re still locked. You can’t expect the exact hairstyles you donned in your hair’s natural or permed state. Fortunately, social media and loc-lovin’ bloggers like me can provide nonstop inspiration to keep loc styles creative and fun to vogue for practically any occasion.

Candace Morrow, a.k.a. Cowgirl Candace

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  1. by Albert on 03/05/2017  2:19 PM Reply

    Got me thinking about locking up. Great piece Candace!

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