3 Secrets to rockin’ cuts without choppin’ locs

Photo by Suhyoon Cho/@suhyoonchophoto. Makeup by Tynnetta Thompson/@stylistty.

Candace Morrow dishes on shortcuts to achieve short cuts on longer locs

The haircut envy gets real when celebrities like pixie cut queen Halle Berry and tapered talent Jennifer Hudson step onto red carpet scenes.

But for us long-haired loc stars who want similar looks but refuse to snip that much off, what do you do? Well, my darlings: We create illusions. Here are a few of my smoke-and-mirror hairstyling moves to cut up in with lengthy locs:


The Fake Asymmetrical Cut: I love recreating this hairstyle during spring and summer months so my neck can breathe from the Deep South’s humidity. Simply flip the front section of your hair to either your left or right side. Then take the back section and pull it up into a high ponytail (on the same side and in the same direction as the front section). Next, take a few locs from the ponytail and cover the elastic holding the back half together. Illusion No. 1: Complete.


The Fake Curly Bob: The night before slaying this look, go ahead and curl rod locs. Make sure they’re curled super duper tight and fully dried. The next day, take the rods out and gently stretch curls in the front to create length. Use bobby pins to tuck back locs that dangle below the shoulder. Ta-da!


 The Fake Blunt Cut: This cut is tricky to achieve with locs, but I know you loc queens can execute. Make sure locs are relocked and bone straight for this style before attempting. Next, center part locs. Then gather strands in one low ponytail that covers the ears. After that, start loosening up the ponytail so locs begin to puff out from it. Lastly, tuck the bottom of the ponytail under, along the back of the neckline. And you’ve got it.

Candace Morrow, a.k.a. Cowgirl Candace





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