5 Reasons Why You Need to Use African Black Soap

Centuries old, African black soap is increasingly appearing on our shelves. This magic skin remedy is a ideal for repairing skin damaged in the winter.

1. African black soap is 100% natural

Using anything other than natural products on our skin put us at risk of unsightly and irritating reactions. Black soap is made up of all natural ingredients usually consisting of plantain, cocoa pods and shea tree bark. You can’t really get more natural than that!

2. It makes your skin feel soft

The ingredients contained in a bar of black soap act as an exfoliant when used on the skin meaning there is no need to use a body brush as well. Shea butter is a top rated skin remedy meaning the result is smooth and moisturised skin.

3. It’s very cheap

Primarily it is very important to make sure you buy from a reputed brand as some brands do add certain ingredients that could be deemed as irritants. Shea Butter Cottage is a brand known for providing high quality African black soap at an extremely affordable price.

4. It evens out skin tone

Plantain has antibacterial properties that can assist with the treatment of acne. The shea butter contained in the soap can help repair damaged cells and smooth out impurities. However be sure to consult your GP or dermatologist before replacing any medications prescribed for skin problems.

5. It even helps with scalp problems

Its benefits aren’t just limited to your skin. Use black soap on your scalp to gently remove scalp dirt without upsetting the natural PH of your scalp or removing any natural oils. It won’t be long before you notice an improved condition of your scalp with less build up

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