5 ways stress is affecting your hair

Sam Burnett, Founder of Hare & Bone salon has shared his expert advice on the reasons stress really affects your hair

“Trauma and shock from stressful events have a huge impact on hair and scalp. Due to stressful lifestyles and the fast-paced nature of the modern world, we are seeing an increase in prematurely greying hair among young people.”

“When the body is under stress, for example when you’re ill, nutrients that your hair requires are often redirected to other areas of the body. As a result of this, people can experience thinning hair, alopecia and dry or tight scalps.”

“Feeling overworked and run down can cause the hair to lose its shine and healthy condition. Normally this is caused by a poor diet and general neglect of your overall health.”

“A lack of sleep and restless nights can cause hair and scalp issues. Your body needs enough time throughout the night to refresh and repair. Sleep should be seen as the most vital ingredient in the replenishment stage of skin renewal.”

“A common symptom of stress is repetitive pulling and scratching the scalp; this can be from anxiety or boredom, resulting in permanent damage to the follicle and in extreme cases, premature hair loss.”

Tip: “Keep an eye on your skin and nails, these are the first areas that will show the signs of stress before you will see it in your hair and scalp. Look out for skin conditions such a psoriasis and dermatitis, as well as brittle or thin nails.”

Sam Burnett

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