Don’t Sweat it: How to Make Your Make-up Last in the heat

Nothing worse than putting on a face of make-up and having it melt throughout the hot summer’s day. Ever looked in the mirror to find your make-up running down your face?

We thought we’d share a few tips on how to make your make-up last in the heat. The weather came and all us ladies were confused with what to do with our makeup. We want to look good but we also want to ensure that your makeup doesn’t evaporate and your mascara doesn’t run. Following the  heatwave it’s only kind we share our ‘don’t sweat it’ tips.

1. Use primer. Many women are half and half about primer because they don’t feel they wear enough makeup. Always prep with primer before applying foundation. Primer acts as a barrier between the heat and your skin.
2. Waterproof concealer is your friend. It’s not only mascara that comes in a waterproof formulation. Waterproof concealer will help in the highest of heats.
3. Less is more. During this hot season, wearing tons of make-up looks heavy, unnatural and dare we say it, tacky.
4. Waterproof everything. Use a waterproof eyeliner and waterproof mascara. Panda eyes are never cute on a hot day, keep it simple.
5. Keep your lips conditioned. Dry, cracked and sunburned lips is not nice at all. Lip gloss/balm should be the first thing chucked into your bag.

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